Tech Tip Tuesday – Smart Technology for runners and fitness lovers.

Based on the response I got when I told you guys about the sensoria smart socks, I’m starting a little segment I’m gonna call Tech tip Tuesday in which I will tell you about any technical advances related to running or fitness that I’ve read about, or tried out recently.

So, let’s get started shall we?

Has anyone tried the Moov? Moov is a wearable fitness coach for multiple sports. There is one for running/walking, one for Cardio Punch and one for swimming. At 79 bucks each they’re definitely affordable, (unless you want all of them and then it could get a bit pricey especially since more are coming.)

Check out the video

You can learn more about Moov here.

And here’s something that isn’t available yet but will be in the very near future. If you’re one of those runners who likes to snap selfie’s while you’re running you might be interested in this little booger.

Nixie the drone camera

It’s a selfie drone, sort of…Nixie, the flying camera.

Check out the video

It’s not available yet, but save your pennies, it will be soon.

And here is something that I haven’t read about but I think someone needs to invent and it’s on my wish list. How about a fuel tracker? Right? It could even be built right into whatever product you use to track your pace, calories, etc. but it would tell you if your fueling enough for whatever race distance you’re running! How cool would that be? It would definitely take the guess-work out of it, now wouldn’t it? Once you’ve invented it, you can feel free to send me a residual check.

Yesterday was a rest day for me so I took a little trip down to Venice. I had to pick up some things from the vacation house and I wanted to get to Nokomis Groves before they ran out of honeybells.

Just look at all that goodness!

Just look at all that goodness!

I got there in time to get a few ½ bushels and I’m pretty sure I am the only person in the world who spends forty bucks on oranges in one shot. FORTY. BUCKS. Yeah, I bought ALL the oranges.

Florida Oranges

Shit tons of oranges because…ORANGES!

We like our Vitamin C around here.

Do you like tech gadgets for running or other sports? I am a techie geek! Love all the new stuff.
Are there any gadgets that you use currently? I am still in love with my Garmin Forerunner 620 and wear it every day. Garmin for life!

8 thoughts on “Tech Tip Tuesday – Smart Technology for runners and fitness lovers.

  1. Long time, no read your blog. I like that Moov cardio punch idea. Here’s the thing with gadgets and me. I love them, but forget to either wear them all together, or turn them on. Gadgets I love:
    Garmin 220 and it is lovely. 🙂 – I had the Forerunner® 310XT and although I loved the ease of use, it destroyed my little wrists. I would end up with bruises that looked like I had been tied up. It is a monster.
    Metronome: That little thing soothes me some days and in a strange way helped me begin to run at all. Some of it is the OCD in me that loves the tick tick tick…
    GymBoss timer: Love that little thing. Use it for plyo, jumping rope, burpees…all kinds of things. I know I can use my watch, but this came first.

    Since I can’t run right now, I only use the Garmin for GPS when hiking. One downside to that damn watch is my friend asks me non-stop how many calories have we burned, how far have we gone, heart rate… UMMMM, how does MY heart rate and calorie burn affect her??? I don’t really care about calorie burn. I probably should!!!

    • Hilarious! You should tell her ‘I burned 750 calories, but you only burned 500. You need to work harder.’ LOL I would totally do that but then again I’m sort of evil like that, 😉 Good to hear from you! 🙂

      • Oh, I am evil too 😛 I always mess with them and the distance we travel (five turns into three. mwaaaahhh). It is easy to do on the trails. That’s what they get for always putting me in charge of navigating the trails so we don’t get lost. We get lost all too often. Eight miles has turned into twelve with me in charge! We are usually crawling at that point and very cranky

  2. Fuelstrips kinda tracks your fuel. You wipe the strip on your sweat and it tells you how you should refuel (and they have chews that you can eat for that purpose, of course). I should send you mine – I’m not running enough distance to use them now.

    I have (Rock) Superstar by Cypress Hill in my head now thanks to your “save your pennies” (even though the guys says ‘save your money’ lol)

    • And for that earworm, you’re welcome! 🙂 I’ve seen the fuelstrips before, and I almost bought some, but I read a review from a runner I really respect and she said no matter what she did, it always turned yellow even when she was bonking. I may break down and try them though. Now go rock out to some Cypress Hill and get Insane in the Membrane…another earworm for ya. 😉

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