I’ve got (T)issues – Dealing with EIR

Happy Monday! Wait, is that even possible? To be happy on Monday?

So, I trust you had a fabulous weekend. I had a very relaxing one. On Friday night we picked up this bad boy.

Merica Jeep

Oh you thought I was kidding about this thing….pshhhh

On Saturday morning I got up early, like 5:45AM early, and I ran 12 miles. MacGyver was hunting and I really wanted to run further but lately, I’ve been a little concerned about running more than 12 miles but we’ll talk about that in another post. (See what I did there? A little blog teaser.)

running 12 miles

This is not one of those annoying garmin shots or anything, no really, it’s not. Check out my gloves! See, I learn from my mistakes.

After I finished my run, I took a quick shower, walked the dogs and then got on with my day. A short time later, my nose started to itch and then I started sneezing and I continued to do that for several hours. Finally around 9PM I took a benadry,l but it only succeeded in knocking me out.

That happens to me a lot. Sometimes after running I start sneezing and then I become congested and it lasts for a while, sometimes up to 24 hours and maybe even a bit longer. It almost feels like a head cold but it’s actually called Exercise Induced Allergic Rhinitis.

Exercise Induced Rhinitis
The odd thing is, it doesn’t happen all the time. Mostly it happens on days I push myself really hard or days that I don’t cool down and walk for a bit before coming home and jumping in the shower. And then there are times when it happens for seemingly no reason at all. There’s no real discernible pattern, which is more annoying than anything.

Lately, however, I have noticed something odd. Sometimes when I jump in the shower after running, for a brief second as the water hits my back, it feels a bit like pins and needles. And just as quickly as I felt it, it goes away. But it’s on the days that I get the pins and needles sensation that I also get the sneezing. I’m not sure if the two are related but in my case they seem to be. I just wonder if anyone else has ever experienced this.

blowing snot rockets
I’ve tried allergy medications, and various other remedies but nothing has ever really worked. I’ve also tried altering my running path as well as running inside on the treadmill in order to avoid potential allergens, but that doesn’t help. It seems to be related to the intensity of my workout mostly. It’ super annoying but thankfully it only happens about once a week.

running with tissues

No, I have (T)issues!

I managed to get up Sunday morning and run 6 more miles but I was still dealing with the sneezing. Today is a cross training day and I don’t usually get the sneezing after a weight workout so there’s something to look forward to, I mean besides the fact that it’s Monday.

Have you ever experienced Exercised Induced Allergic Rhinitis?
How you found anything that works for you? (Any suggestions would be great….)

4 thoughts on “I’ve got (T)issues – Dealing with EIR

    • Yes, I do and in fact, I got it yesterday. My doctor says it’s exercised induced rhinitis and that it’s very common. I have found that when I eat food that I have sensitivities to, it gets worse and if I follow a lactose free and gluten free diet, it is almost eliminated but I have celiac disease and hashimotos thyroiditis so I don’t know if that would make a difference for someone who doesn’t have those issues.

  1. I have Allergy-induced Asthma and Rhinitis! I hate it but have to manage it and then I’m okay! I’m on lots of nasal meds – I know that Running on Air (a book on running and rhythmic breathing) worked for me!

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