I’m Not Old! It’s just WTF Wednesday!

age meme

It’s no secret that MacGyver is a few years younger than me. Not a lot, JUST A FEW. But those few years mean the World to him and not for reasons you would typically think of.

No, MacGyver likes the fact that I’m older because that means he’ll get to take advantage of senior discounts, a few years before he actually earns them, through me of course.

I'm old

Case in point, he sent me an email earlier this week that detailed all of the discounts available at many of the places we shop, and when I’ll be eligible for them. And then he ended the email with this…

See? We don’t have to wait til you’re 65 anymore! So, hurry up and get to 50 already so we can start saving more money!

Thanks honey. Hope those discounts didn’t make you frisky because sex is no longer an option in this house. This vagina is closed for business…you know, cause it’s old!

age meme 2

Unless you call me old and then I’ll shoot your ass!

I was just getting over that whole email thing and then yesterday I took a little trip up to the Dollar Tree. I don’t know if this happens to you or not, but every time I go to the Dollar Tree I forget why I went in the first place and I still end up spending a shit ton of money.

So yesterday I was sort of staring at a wall of various items trying to remember what it was that I needed in the first place and I could hear this little boy yelling for his Grammy. After about 5 minutes, I started to think that maybe this kid was lost and then, that’s when I felt it.

I felt a tug on my sleeve and as I turned to look down there was the little boy, “Grammy!, oh, you’re not my Grammy.” He thought I was his Grandmother, ME!

I'm not your Grammy

I’m starting to get a complex here.

And apparently, because I’m getting older, I also overestimated my once sharp math skills. When I posted about the 1,389 miles that I ran in 2014, I was wrong. Obviously I shouldn’t try to add things up in my head anymore. From now on I’m just going to rely on Daily Mile who so kindly sent me the following graphic which clearly implies, ‘You ran more miles than you thought, too bad you can’t add anymore, looks like you’re getting old.’

running stats

All of this old age stuff was making me feel, well, old. So I really wanted to get out and go running this morning and then I woke up to 54 degrees! FIFTY FOUR! In Florida that’s a beautiful thing. So I ran 8 miles. It was awesome. Afterward, I stopped by the mailbox to retrieve yesterday’s mail. We didn’t have much, just a few bills and a magazine that I thought was for MacGyver because I didn’t recognize it. Then I turned it over and saw Kevin Costner and for a brief moment I thought it might be a People Magazine, but no, it wasn’t.

It was…AARP!

funny meme

WTF? It must be Wednesday! But I am NOT OLD!

Now, tell me something random about your day that made you go WTF?

8 thoughts on “I’m Not Old! It’s just WTF Wednesday!

  1. First off, you’re all just babies! Secondly, my driving on ice in Canada story involves me slowly sliding into the back of a stopped BMW the day before yesterday. Thirdly, hubby can point out the age difference all he wants but the rest of us know who’s got the best deal in THAT relationship lol!

  2. You are a total youngster in my eyes. This may not mean much considering just yesterday a coworker was saying how he couldn’t believe I didn’t wear glasses yet. YET? @#$% (I DO need them, but cannot decide on frames and the boyfriend is of no use helping me decide. I ask for his opinion and he always follows with…”Who cares, either way you are wearing glasses” @#$%). Screw age. I had two weeks where all of the mail coming in was about funeral plots for ME!

    Dollar Tree, we usually get the same things every time we go. Rarely vary it. Each and every time we go the boyfriend walks in and asks loudly, “Can I get a ‘Boy’s Bundle???'” and asks, “Where can I find Mallow Burgers and Potted Meat?” He is quite the card. NOT! He thinks I am embarrassing singing and dancing in stores. Yes, he has caught me.

    Great job on the running!!!

    WTF for me? As soon as I came in this morning (after witnessing four accidents on the ice that caused my late arrival) the owner gave me shit about it. Apparently I was not happy with him because he followed it with “I think you just gave me the best F#$% you with your eyes I have ever seen. Sorry….I was kidding….Are we okay?…sorry… ” I may have spouted out some Kristin rage too but I don’t remember what came out.

    Phew…long@ss post complete. This will make up for all I have missed lately. Happy WTF Wednesday!!!

    • If I had to drive on ice, I would never go anywhere! And if by chance I did and my boss gave me shit, well, I would probably shoot him. And I’m probably not kidding, LOL!

      P.S. I dance and sing in stores too! Mostly when the kid is with me. It makes for a great time for me, him, not so much! Bwahaha

      • I have lived in Michigan my entire life, except for a couple years in TX, and I still HATE driving in ice and snow. BAM!

        LOL on the son comment. That is your job woman!!! Reminds me of mom’s only way to “get me” as a kid in the store when I was sulking or acting up. She would whisper with a smile, “Do you want me to embarrass you in front of all these people? Because I will!” haha Then there was my dad who, even though we lived on a street EVERYONE drove down, would blast Pavarotti on the console stereo and stand on the front porch in his grubby sweatpants and v-neck undershirt singing opera songs simply to embarrass me. UGH!

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