I think someone just shot me…

TGIF! Better late than never, right?

As you may know, MacGyver’s parents are here and we are having a lot of fun. We went out for a birthday dinner last night at Shephards on the beach. They have awesome buffet with all the crab legs and prime rib you can eat and it’s been one of MacGyver’s favorite places for years. They’ve recently remodeled and the price has gone up, and they no longer offer a regular menu, so if you’re local you may want to factor that in before you go. The buffet however is still insanely good.


This morning MacGyver had to go to work. Since today was a rest day for me, I got up very early and took the parents to the weigh and pay!

…and they loved it! Bargain hunting in its lowest form, it was shit tons of fun. As we were leaving, I got a stomach pain. It was sharp, but intermittent, so I ignored it and we went to Mazzaro’s.

Big mistake.

And that is exactly what it felt like...

And that is exactly what it felt like…

I broke out in a cold sweat and nearly passed out. Somehow I managed to make it to a chair outside where I sat for a moment while the parents picked up our food. Then my father-in-law drove us home. I was in the backseat sweating bullets.

When we got back to my house all I wanted to do was lay down and that’s what I did. I feel about 80% better now but it’s definitely time to schedule a checkup!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

What’s the worst pain you’ve ever experienced?

3 thoughts on “I think someone just shot me…

    • Thanks Karen, after going over everything I’ve done and everything I’ve eaten in the past few days I’ve determined it may have been caused by my vitamin D supplements which I had increased. I stopped taking them today so hopefully it will go away completely but I’m still going to have it checked out by the doctor asap. Better safe than sorry. 🙂

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