Answers for the smart socks and a shoe heart.

This morning I ran 8 miles around the neighborhood in my little loop that I like to do cause I’m OCD like that. It was a progression run. I started really slow with a 10:12 mile and then sped up a little for each mile finishing the last mile in 9:01.

Because you start out slower and then get progressively faster, your legs tend to get really tired towards the end, but it feels so good when you finish. I like doing progression runs because they tend to give me a bit more confidence in knowing that I can finish faster than I started, and that really helps as I get closer to race day.

You know what else helps?

Brooks PureFlow 2's Heart

Turning my shoes into a big heart….okay, not really. But it was fun.

A few weeks ago I told y’all about a pair of amazing running socks with built-in technology that can help you with your running form, your cadence, your foot strike, and many other things. I was super impressed by them and apparently so were a lot of you because I got some comments and even more emails and a lot of you had questions.

sensoria fitness socks

So, I did what any awesome blogger would do and went straight to the source. I contacted Sensoria Fitness. I emailed sensoria and immediately received a response from Alick Law, Ph.D., MBA, the director of Marketing and Business Development, who kindly answered all of my questions regarding the socks.

He also updated the FAQ’s on the website with an answer as to whether or not the anklet is waterproof. (It is not by the way, however it is splash proof.) In his email, Alick said, “This means you can use it in the rain but it cannot be washed. We are located in the Pacific Northwest and I go running in the rain on the road, trails and going through puddles without experiencing any issues.”

You can read all of the FAQ’s by visiting this link and I encourage you to do so, and if you haven’t checked out some of their other products, you can find them on the website as well.

I read this article yesterday and I found it very interesting.

Fitness articleSome of these things that are mentioned are things I already do and some were new to me, but check it out, it’s a quick read and it’s interesting.

wake up slim

An excerpt from the actual article.

I’m doing thrusters today!

Do you work out in the morning or the evening? I always work out in the morning because I find that if I don’t it’s harder to motivate myself later in the day.

working out before breakfast

Recently I saw the excerpt above from this article in the New York Times that suggests working out in the morning, before eating breakfast, helps to burn more fat throughout the day. You can read the article in its entirety here.

So, do you work out in the morning or the afternoon? (I always work out in the morning.)
Do you incorporate progression runs into your training? If so, how long are your typical progression runs? (Mine are between 6 and 12 miles depending on what I’m training for.)

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  1. As a shift worker and night owl, I sometime want to change that question to, do you exercise when you first wake up. 🙂 But if I am working a regular job, no I don’t get up and work out. I work out after work – which would still mean I work out prior to a meal.

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