2015: Part 2, and 1,398 miles run!

So, where were we? Oh yeah, New Year’s day, that’s right.

I don't know where you were but I'm still in the pond and I'm NOT getting out!

I don’t know where you were but I’m still going swimming in the pond and I’m NOT getting out! EVER!

So, Macgyver, Frank and I all went for a ride on the ATV’s. The trails didn’t seem too muddy but I suspected it was because we hadn’t ridden down the major trails. There were a lot of people on the trails though and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Mudding in Holopaw

Random ATV Riders we encountered while visiting our friends camp.

We rode over to our friends campsite to see how much water they had on their property. We had heard that is was flooded in the weeks prior and we wanted to see if things had gotten better…

Suburban Estates Campsite

Better? Maybe a little, but not much!

After riding around for an hour or so, we headed back to cabin to do a little yard work. Since it’s not really the type of place you want to run, I was looking forward to a little exercise so I was actually excited to mow the grass.

And it looked pretty good afterwards.

Suburban Estates

We could probably put in a golf course…or not.

Suburban Estates Camp site

I’m especially fond of all the trees in this area. I’m not sure why, maybe because at dusk they look at little eerie and I like to pretend the place is haunted. Yes, I’m weird.

That evening, we gathered in our cabin to watch a few shows on the TV. Since the generator was already running and MacGyver had a full charge on his phone, he turned on his hotspot.

Then he got down to business. And just in case you thought I was kidding about the craigslist addiction, I’ve got proof. No actual utilities or running water in the cabin or the surrounding 10,000 acres, but Craigslist! Yes. Because, Priorities!

perusing craigslist


On Friday, MacGyver and I did a little work on the cabin and then we got down to some serious riding. We also had a visitor. Our little friend, Aubrey, who is 8 years old and rides an ATV better than most people I know!

Riding ATV at Suburban Estates

Here’s Aubrey in front of our pond.

ATV Muddin

And here’s Aubrey killin it on the trail!

Hank was also hell-bent on riding around with me. He would NOT get off the ATV.

ATV Riding dachshund

I did the only thing I could do. I rode on. He isn’t strapped in at all. He balances himself back there on that seat. Look at his tongue sticking out. That’s concentration right there! That dog was serious.

Faster lady, faster!

Faster lady, faster!

If you’re wondering where Boomer was during all this….we couldn’t get his butt out of the pond. Labs definitely love to swim and Boomer is no exception.

Here’s a few pictures of the areas within Suburban Estates, in case you’re into the whole ATV, Mud Trucks, and Motorcycles type of thing. (We obviously are!)


Gathering around the mud pit.

Gathering around the mud pit at dusk.

MacGyver riding the Raptor

MacGyver riding off on the Raptor

Muddin Van

I call this thing the Scooby Doo Mud Mystery Machine but your welcome to come up with your own description.

After a few rides on Friday night and a few more on Saturday, we headed home. But before we left, we locked everything up and put the chain across the road. Gotta keep any trespasser’s out.

We don't want trespassers on our property.  We only got so many acres in which to put the bodies.

We don’t want trespassers on our property. We only have so many acres in which to put the bodies.

On Sunday morning I woke up and went for a 10 mile run. I wanted to run further but it was ridiculously hot and humid and I was a little tired. It wasn’t my best run, but at least I got one last one in which put me at 35 miles for the week.

And speaking of running, in 2014 I ended up with 1,398 miles run despite a few injuries and setbacks.

How many miles did you run in 2014?

Did you have any injuries during the year?

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