#WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday, Kayla Montgomery

This morning I ran 8.25 miles. I’m not sure why I ran those extra .25 but I did, and I could have kept going too, because today’s run felt great. It was very chilly this morning and I’m sure that helped because I love it when we have these little bursts of cool weather, but I don’t always have the type of run I had this morning.

We all have good days and bad days and sometimes we need a little extra motivation or a kick in the butt to get us going. All of us. One day I was reading some random articles and I came across the story of Kayla Montgomery. Her story is incredible and she instantly became a source of inspiration to me.

Kayla used to play soccer until she was diagnosed with MS at a very young age. If you aren’t familiar with Multiple Sclerosis let me tell you, it can be a debilitating disease. Unable to play soccer anymore, Kayla decided to try running and what followed is nothing short of amazing. If you have even a few minutes, watch the video below. Kayla’s story rocked me to the core and it will you too.

Is there someone who you’ve read about or know that inspires you?

4 thoughts on “#WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday, Kayla Montgomery

  1. Okay, that was AMAZING and I’m now kicking myself for not having watched it the other few times I saw it pop up. Kind of puts a lot of things in perspective, doesn’t it?

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