This morning: Ran 9 Miles This Afternoon: Alpha 191, drunk pedestrian

This morning I went for a 9 mile run. It wasn’t the easiest run or the hardest. It wasn’t the best run or the worst, but I got it done. I wanted to come home and continue on with my productive day but I got sidetracked. Before I tell you why, we need to go back a little, back to Saturday.

hilarious police meme

Is this the burglar they are looking for?

If you read this blog you may already know that last Saturday my neighbor’s house was burglarized. We found out later that the burglary occurred around 5:30PM which was also the time I was outside, (not too far away from occurring burglary), packing my Mom’s car.

Yesterday evening the police were at the same neighbor’s house again. Another neighbor asked if they were there because of Saturday’s burglary and they said no. They also said they couldn’t tell us why they were there, but we could call the station and ask them.

funny police meme

That sounded like entirely too much work to me so I just googled the active police calls in my area and then turned on my fancy scanner app. Done.

It wasn’t long before I heard it. “Welfare Check, copy.” What the hell does that even mean? Welfare Check? What? I saw my neighbor exactly an hour earlier and the man is fine! Welfare Check must be code for something, but what? According to Google, the police use this term when they are checking on the welfare of someone. Thanks Google. You are useless. (Just this one time you are useless because typically I love you Google, I do.)

sandwich police

Oh, that is a serious infraction, serious. Haul his ass away!

The police left after about an hour and I didn’t want to seem nosy, (even though I’m all kinds of nosy) so I didn’t go ask the neighbor about it. Instead, I continued to listen to my scanner app to gather any info I could. After an hour or maybe two, MacGyver made me turn that shit off. He said it was annoying but I suspect it was interfering with his TV show. Anyhow, I never found out exactly why the police were across the street or what ‘welfare check’ actually meant which brings us to today.

funny meme
MacGyver left the house at 3AM this morning to go hunting. I was sound asleep. I woke up a little before 6AM and fiddled around the house a bit before heading out to run. As I checked the front door to make sure it was locked I realized that MacGyver had left it open after he left this morning, as in unlocked and slightly ajar! Apparently he isn’t too concerned about my safety or else he feels the dogs are adequate protection should anyone decide to break in. Or maybe, just maybe, he wants me to get kidnapped. I did forget to pack his lunch after all so who knows for sure.

keep calm

That sounds like a good idea 😉

I locked the front door and then went out the back and through the garage and went out for a run. I decided not to think about it and reasoned with myself that if MacGyver wasn’t worried, then obviously, I shouldn’t be either. This must have been some sort of isolated incident. After all, our neighborhood isn’t really bad and since I run around here almost every day, I know most of the people who live in it. There is probably no reason for me to worry.

police meme

If I actually saw this I’d laugh my ass off.

Because MacGyver and I will be in West Palm on Saturday and at the Cabin in Holopaw on Sunday, running is out of the question this weekend. So I had 9 miles on my plate this morning and I ate every single bite of them. It felt great and towards the end as I was nearing my house I just wanted to get there as quickly as I could. I rounded the corner still a little out of breath and that’s when I almost ran smack dab into the side of a….
Yep, a Police Cruiser!

distracted driver
There were 2 officers standing beside it and they were talking to another neighbor, not the one who was burglarized on Saturday either. WTF? I asked the policeman if everything was okay and he said ‘everything is fine’.

How can everything be fine? Just as I was thinking that, another police cruiser rolled up and parked behind the first one. This is 3 times. THREE! I was obviously not going to charm my way into any information with sweat dripping off of me and stink emanating from my wretched workout clothes. So I came inside of my house, went straight to my computer and got on the all-knowing Google. I searched for the active calls for the police in my neighborhood. I located the address of the neighbors and then…
“Park, Walk, and Talk” REALLY?

police funny

I don’t blame you kid!

Damn you police with your vague and empty call descriptions. I need answers. I’m nosy. I’m home alone all day. (Well, actually I have two dogs but by no means are they protection unless the intruder is allergic to dog spit.) In the name of all that is lawful and orderly what the heck is going on in my neighborhood? And more importantly, why am I loving this scanner app so much? It is sucking the life right out of my day. I’d love to be finishing some projects right now or even cleaning my house but no, I’m listening to scanners.

Alpha 191 copy?
Go ahead Dispatch
We have a drunk pedestrian on Hwy US 19 at the intersection of 590 on the North side, do you copy?
Copy dispatch, in route.

I’ve got two new obsessions now….listening to police scanners and hilarious police memes. Dear Lord, please give me the strength not to drive up to the intersection of 590 and US Hwy 19 right now to see the drunk pedestrian…….

foot on the pedal

God bless it!

Would you freak out if you saw the police in your neighborhood? (I seriously am freaked out, but I am using the scanners to distract me…and I’m a little obsessed right now, obviously.)

4 thoughts on “This morning: Ran 9 Miles This Afternoon: Alpha 191, drunk pedestrian

  1. Haha I’m sure I would be just as nosy if there were police in my neighborhood. Although, my husband works in law enforcement so he’s usually the one getting any info if there’s suspicious activity going on. Welfare check means someone called the police department to ask dispatch to send out an officer to a residence to check on someone because they believe they could be either dead or not well. Sounds like something pretty interesting is going on in your neighborhood. I’d keep listening to the scanners haha!
    At least you got your run in 😉

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