Merry Birthmus Eve!


Since the Kid was born on Christmas Day, we say Merry Birthmus up in this house! šŸ™‚ Just go with it.

We started our celebrating last night with an early birthday dinner at the BEST BBQ joint in Florida, Hungry Harry’s. The kid really wanted pulled pork for his birthday dinner and MacGyver and I knew the perfect place.

Hungry Harrys

The Kid got here around 4:30 and we left around 5 to head over to Land O Lakes.

me in car

I’m dreaming of a ….run on the trail bridge we’re about to whiz by…..

Love running on this bridge...LOVE IT!

Love running on this bridge…LOVE IT!

Back to the story.

So, we went to Hungry Harry’s. I tried to take lot’s of pictures, (other than trail bridges and running paths) but the Kid and MacGyver were not having it. They were in serious, ‘eat ALL the all you can eat bbq’ mode and that is serious business with my guys. The kid went all out.

hot sauce

No thank you sir, that’s too hot for me!

The kid loved the hot sauce, so much in fact, that we had to buy a pint for him to take home. He was a happy camper.

Hungry Harry’s has more than pulled pork and bbq, they offer a variety of food.


And I chose the best thing on it….

brownie with ice cream

I slept in this morning. This is a rest day for me. MacGyver and I took the dogs for a walk. And then I tried to get them to pose with the Santa who lives on my lanai….

Santa Paws

Um, yeah, NO! I will not sit on this guys lap, EVER!

lab kissing santa

I wish I could fit in that guys lap…I love him so much, I’m gonna give him a big ol kiss!

dogs and Santa

My dogs have more personality than I do!

After taking far too many pictures, MacGyver and I did a little last-minute shopping. I wore my Snowman Earrings. I got these a craft fair last year and forgot all about them so this is actually the first year I’ve ever worn them.

Snowman Earrings

We picked up this tin full of nuts and I’ve eaten 1/3 of it already!

planters nuts

And I got my Christmas ornament for this year. It’s the best! Check it out,

mermaid ornament

Hope you’re having an awesome day with your family and friends. I’m going back to the festivities now….

Do you have a Christmas Eve Tradition?

8 thoughts on “Merry Birthmus Eve!

  1. You look like an angel in that pic:) (We know better!) Pups looking darling as ever. The bridge pic activated my vertigo. You are brave.

    Tradition? No, unless the two of us being slugs all day counts.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Flower. HO! HO! HO!

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