It’s NOT the coffee, it’s the mug! Convos with MacGyver

One day last week I woke up and realized that my coffee mug was still in the dishwasher, which unfortunately hadn’t been run.

the wiener mug
No worries, I could just get another mug. (I also reminded myself to try to remember that you have to actually RUN the dishwasher once in a while….and then there’s that whole putting the dishes away thing too, yeah, I need to work on that.)

In the meantime, I grabbed this mug:

the smiley face mug
MacGyver got up a short time later and I told him that I made a pot of coffee. He went to the cabinet to get a cup and fumbled around for what seemed like forever. Then he turned around, looked at me, and sort of shrieked. (Okay, maybe he just sighed.)

MacGyver: That’s my cup!

Me: So, grab another one, we have plenty.

MacGyver: But I always use THAT cup! That’s my favorite cup. It has a smiley face on it. When I use that cup it makes me feel like the day is going to be bright and sunny. That cup MAKES my day!

Me: Sorry. Why don’t you just use another one today?

So, I pull out this mug…

the Christmas mug
Me: You could use this one. It’s festive and it will put you in the Christmas spirit.

MacGyver: Hate it! It reminds me that I haven’t bought any gifts, I don’t want to buy any gifts, and gifts cost money. What else you got.

So I pull out another mug and it looks like this:

the Ron Jon's mug
MacGyver: NOPE!

Me: What’s wrong with this mug?

MacGyver: It’s a surfer’s mug. It reminds me that you can do something that I can’t do. I’ll question my athletic abilities throughout the day. Pick another one.

So I rummage through the cabinet and I retrieve these Tervis tumblers which all belong to MacGyver. They are all related to things he loves so I just know one of them will do:

the Tervis Tumblers
Me: Here. Here are 3 of your very own mugs. Choose one.

MacGyver: Nope, nope and nope!

Me: What? But why? Why are you being so difficult?

MacGyver: Because my coffee mug is indicative of the type of day I’m going to have. I can’t drink out of my hunting and fishing tumblers because I’m going to work! They’ll make me wish I was hunting or fishing instead and I won’t be on top of my work game. Are you getting it now?

Me: Yes, I think I completely understand. Your coffee mug determines your day. You need a happy mug, which is not a leisure day mug, a something you can’t do mug, or a holiday that you don’t particularly like mug, got it.

So I reach into the cabinet and pull out one of my mugs which looks like this:

do what you like
Me: Here. With this mug you will be reminded that you like what you do, and so it’s a good day.

And then I turn the mug around.

Life is good mug
Me: And this side of the mug reminds you of me, and that because you have me, life is good. It’s perfect.

MacGyver looked at me for a brief moment and then he grabbed the Tervis tumbler with the deer on it, filled it with coffee, gave me an evil stare and then left for work.

What a weirdo.

Now, let’s talk about this morning……..

Today is a rest day for me. I ran 8 miles yesterday and I went on a walk with the kid last night, so I am glad to have a day off. My legs need a day of rest.

I planned on getting up early and getting some things done around the house before starting work. MacGyver went hunting really early so when the alarm went off at 5:30AM and I realized that Boomer, Hank and I had the whole bed, I hit the snooze and decided to sleep in for just a little bit.

Unfortunately a little bit turned into 8:15AM which means, I got nothing done around the house, I didn’t walk the dogs yet, and then an entire bottle of ibuprofen fell out of the medicine cabinet as I opened it and scattered all over the bathroom floor.

I’m not starting off on a good note today but the day goes on and I need to get moving.

First, I’m going to have some coffee…..

the Jack Daniels mug

This could be an interesting day….

Coffee drinkers: What kind of coffee cup do you use?
Do you use the same one every day?

4 thoughts on “It’s NOT the coffee, it’s the mug! Convos with MacGyver

  1. Haha you guys are funny. I use the same kind of mug every morning. (Its a set that matches our plates) I hate using our old mugs because the rims are so thick they make me dribble coffee with every sip lol
    Hope you had a productive day!

  2. So funny! My favorite is my blue nautical life is good mug and I will take it out of the dishwasher and handwash it if I forget to run it. It’s the little things in life…

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