A weekend recap with a water park for dogs!

MacGyver and I had a busy weekend planned but like all plans, it didn’t go exactly as we thought. That’s okay though because we still had a great time.

On Saturday morning we woke up at 4:30AM to drive to Jensen Beach. MacGyver kept telling me we were driving to West Palm last week so I mistakenly thought that’s where we were going. It wasn’t.

Men Driving

Jensen Beach is near Stuart, Florida and actually closer than West Palm. It’s also home to some beautiful beaches and the surf is pretty good as well. I have been to the area before but not in quite a while so I was pretty excited to go down.

While we were down there I got the chance to go to the Santa Paws Holiday Pooch Plunge at Sailfish Splash in Stuart and it was awesome. I wish we would have taken my dogs because they would have loved this event. This was the first year ever and the proceeds from the event benefit the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast. They even had face painting and pictures with Santa.

Pooch Plunge
Once we entered the park everyone removed the dog’s leashes and they were allowed to run free all around the waterpark. If you live anywhere near Stuart next year, you need to take your dog or dogs to this event. This was the best idea ever and you could tell that the dogs were so happy to be there.

Pooch Plunge

Great Dane

Do you see the huge Great Dane?

dogs playing in water

dogs in the water

So, you come here often?

So, you come here often?

C'mon, I'll race you!

C’mon, I’ll race you!

This little fellow even decided to film the events…..

GoPro on a dog

Because every dog should wear a GoPro!

Later that day we had lunch at Shuckers which is located in the Island Beach Resort on Jensen Beach. It was very good and I would totally recommend it if your ever in the area. The view aint half bad either.

Before we left, we went down to the beach and checked out some of the area. I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet and laidback the area is not to mention how beautiful.

Hutchinson IslandSeagull
Around 4PM, MacGyver and I left Jensen Beach to head to our cabin in Holopaw. We were on the road for roughly 45 minutes when we spoke to a friend who also has property there. She said the area was flooded and it probably wasn’t a good idea to go there especially after dark as we might get stuck in the mud and have no one to help us get out.

I pulled up some pictures property owners had posted on facebook that had been taken over the last week and based on what we saw, it didn’t look very good.

Suburban Estates

Suburban Estates, Holopaw

This is the road….

So we changed our plans and headed for home.

We got home around 8:30PM on Saturday night and went right to sleep. On Sunday I was tempted to run but I didn’t. I stuck to my original plan and took the day off. MacGyver and I were pretty lazy for most of the day until around 4PM and then I decided to tend to some of my plants. Most of them have been seriously neglected over that last few months.

Apparently the lack of attention didn’t affect my Christmas cactus.

Christmas cactus

Look at all those flowers!

This morning I woke up bright and early and ready to run. Lucky for me a cold front blew in yesterday so I woke up to 60 degrees! It was epic. I left around 7AM this morning with the temperature hovering around 61 degrees and partly cloudy skies.

This first few miles felt very easy and I was comfortably dressed in shorts and a long sleeve tee but by mile 4 I was getting a little warm. Thankfully it began to drizzle, just a bit, which was perfect. I finished up my 8 miles and the best part was that even though the pace felt comfortable, it was notably faster than last week. I like that. I feel stronger every day and no hip issues at all. It’s about time to start re-working some races into my schedule….

Have you ever taken your dog to an event like the pooch plunge?
How often do you take little day trips?

11 thoughts on “A weekend recap with a water park for dogs!

  1. That water park for dogs is too cool! Our dog would hate it though :-/ she hates water.
    What a beautiful cactus! Those flowers are so pretty!
    I’m happy to hear you’re getting stronger and are able to run more often. That’s always a good thing 🙂

  2. That dog water park is so cute! I love how the pool is zero entry! Our local community pool has a day at the end of the summer where you are allowed to bring your dog to swim. Sounds like a great event but we’ve never done it. It just seems silly to pay an entry fee for our dogs to swim when they can swim at our own pool for free! I bet it would be nice to see all the other dogs though!

  3. One (at least) of the parks does that here every year at the end if the season. Don’t know if it’s in connection with the
    Humane Society.
    It was cold here, too, but I missed it. I was still sleeping lol. I hear Wed will be cold, too.

  4. That looks so fun! I don’t have a dog anymore but if I did I would definitely go. We are actually headed from Michigan to Stuart/Jensen beach area for the holidays! I can’t wait. The countdown is on!

    • That is awesome! It is such a great area and the weather is generally awesome this time of year. Have you been there before? I wanna hear all about your trip when you get back! If you need any info on the area let me know and I’ll ask my friends who live there. 🙂

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