A holiday gift guide for serious runners.

It’s that time of year again. Crackling fires, falling snow, twinkling lights, and presents, lots and lots of presents! Ah, I love the holidays. Except here in Florida, we don’t get snow so there’s no need for the crackling fire, but we do love the sparkly lights, and the presents.

On Flipper...

On Flipper…

Every year around this time, I put together a list for my family of the things I’d like to have. (It’s okay, they ask for the list.) If you know me at all, you know that I love all things running so inevitably my list is filled with running related things. Usually I ask for some of the things that I already use but would like to have more of, such as socks or gloves or even iTunes gift cards. And on a few occasions I’ve asked for an item that I wanted really, really bad but couldn’t quite justify buying for myself, like a Garmin watch and a treadmill. (Lofty requests, I know, but I got the Garmin, two of them actually, I’m still waiting on a new treadmill.)

Maybe Santa got lost with the treadmill???

Maybe Santa got lost with that treadmill???

Last year I posted a list of some of the best gifts for runners, much like every other blogger out there but this year, this year is different. This year, I’m posting my list. That’s right, I’m posting my very own gift wish list. So, if you need to buy a gift for a runner or you need ideas about what to ask for, maybe my list will help. Conversely, feel free to choose an item from the list, purchase said item, and then ship it on over to me, I won’t mind, really.

Number 1

running spoon

It magically transforms all food into running fuel!

This spoon! I love this spoon. If I had this spoon I could use it to eat my oatmeal and other running fuel. In fact, I could use it for ice cream which would obviously turn the ice cream into running fuel because this spoon is so awesome, it has to be magical!

Number 2

running scarf
This scarf.
When I’m not in running clothes and I meet someone who runs, I feel the need to tell them that I run too and talk to them about all things running. For some reason if I’m talking to someone who’s in running clothes and I’m in street clothes, it makes me feel like less of a runner. This scarf would cure that and I would no longer have feelings of inadequacy due to my lack of running attire. I could even wear this scarf to a wedding and I probably will.

Number 3

Runners pillow casesThese Pillow Cases
How cute are these pillow cases? I only want these because I’ve never seen them before and I’m pretty sure I need them. In fact you do too, so go ahead and buy these pillows.

Number 4

Running Ornament
This ornament
I have black lab ornaments and dachshund ornaments all over my tree, it only makes sense that I should have a runner on there too, although I’d prefer the female version and without the name Mike.

Number 5

Crazy Runner
Six months of appointments with a therapist.
I’d like these appointments to be open so that I may use them at any time and not necessarily concurrent. I’d like to use some of them when I’m tapering and others when I’m injured, in lieu of killing someone.

Number 6

Body Glide
A lifetime supply of body glide and band aids.
The person who buys me this gift will be doing the world a huge favor. If I never run out of these supplies again, you will never have to hear me whine about my chaffing and blisters. This gift is so worth it.

Number 7
A gift certificate to my favorite running store.
No offense but I’d rather pick out my own shit and you will never go wrong with a gift certificate, ever. However, keep in mind that most running stores are expensive and if you want me to be able to get the good shit, I’m gonna need some major cash.


The “I’ really AM injured even though I keep telling myself that I’m not” pill. Oh wait, it’s not available yet? Damn! Nevermind..

Number 9 8

Michonne Walking Dead
Lessons in this class!

So there you have it! That’s my list.

What’s on your list this year?

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