WTF Wednesday – Potato Ice, Cooking Kids and Candy Crack.

Y’all I totally overslept this morning! MacGyver went hunting, which is what he did Saturday when I also overslept. Apparently when MacGyver leaves at 2am I sleep like a baby.

Oversleeping is not fun!
Anyway, I had 6 miles on the schedule but there was no way that could happen. Instead I opted for 4 quick ones. Normally when I run in the morning my mind clears and thoughts go through my head….sort of like this…

Oh wow, look at all those peacocks. I wonder if it’s mating season. Do peacocks lay eggs? I wonder how big they are…I wonder if the emu lays eggs… Are they as big as ostrich eggs? Do people eat emu eggs? I wonder how big emu poop is….is it bigger than peacock poop?

But, instead of the usual thoughts, this morning I had thoughts like this….

I wonder if I have time to get 4 miles in…if I don’t, will I have time to do more tomorrow? Why do I have to run the exact amount I have on my schedule anyway? I’m not Kara Goucher for cryin out loud… Why am I so anal retentive? I wonder if the dogs are looking out the window and waiting for me….I wonder if Hank is Spite peeing on the lanai because he hasn’t had his walk. Oh crap, I need to speed up to make my conference call at 9…and hopefully keep Hank from peeing on the patio…


As you can see, oversleeping and then trying to run do not a happy Up and Humming make! Anyway, it is Wednesday, so WTF, here’s some random shit that has happened lately..

My neighbor saw MacGyver and I re-finishing my farm-house table in the driveway so he came over to say hi. Somehow we got on the subject of wine and he gave me the best tip ever. You’ve probably already heard of it because I’m always the last to know, but here’s the tip.

Freeze white and red grapes and then use them in place of ice cubes in your next glass of wine! The grapes won’t melt like ice does so the wine won’t become watered down and the grapes will also enhance the flavor. Genius! I don’t drink much but when I do, MacGyver and I like a good glass of Vodka. Here’s a tip for you, Potatoes do not work the same way!


Leave out the Potato Ice!

I watched that kid cooking show last night, Master Chef Junior Edition. Those kids! I swear to all that is Holy and Betty Crocker, those kids have more cooking talent in their little fingers than I have in my entire being, they are amazing (and also a little pretentious) but that part doesn’t really matter. I’m embarrassed to admit that half the time, I have no clue what they’re even talking about. An herb and cheese spaetzle? For crying out loud, who makes shit like that? Who even knows what it is? The Master Chef Junior kids, that’s who. Pint sized little freaks of nature.

Yep, me cooking
Guess what I’m going to do later in the week? I’m going to go to some garage and estate sales… because even though my house, or rather both of my houses, are chock full of shit, and I want or need for nothing, I cannot stop. I need to go to your garage sales. This weekend there are several that I am seriously looking forward to however one of them is advertised as ‘a bakers dream with loads of kitchen gadgets including various Tupperware items and many pyrex bowls’. That bitch is at the top of my list!

Even though I don’t cook nor do I plan on learning how to at this stage in my life, (regardless of how many episodes of Master Chef Junior I watch), I am convinced that pyrex bowls are the key to my retirement.

Pyrex BowlsMore pyrex.... um yeah

I’m actually trying to save money because I’m thinking of buying the Kid a trip to Alaska for his birthday and Christmas. I’ve been searching for an all-inclusive type of deal with lots of activities. The fact that he’d like to see the entire state of Alaska is seriously impeding my search. I mean, do you have any idea how large Alaska is? It is huge. And there is no way to see it all in 10 days on my budget. It ain’t happening. I’ve narrowed it down to a summer trip somewhere near Denali which I know he would love but it’s still crazy expensive.

I hope I find something soon because currently the only affordable option is Season 2 of Bering Sea Gold on DVD. That’s not really how I envisioned the kid seeing Alaska and I’m almost positive the impact won’t be the same as an actual trip. If you have any ideas, please pass them along.

Are you looking forward to next week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Last week was okay but I got a little distracted trying to watch boring Beth, she just doesn’t really interest me, I’m not even sure why she’s still on the show. Normally I don’t play scrabble on pogo during The Walking Dead but I won 4 games during the Beth episode so that should tell you something. Here’s hoping this week has some Daryl and Carol and a little ass-kicking.

Zombie Jesus
One last thing that I am totally obsessed with lately……White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M’s! I bought them at Target a week ago but only opened them this week because ever since Nabisco screwed me over on the Candy Corn Oreos I’m afraid they won’t be around next year and I didn’t want to like them.

Candy Corn m&m's
No dice, because, Oh. My. God. I love them. I accidentally dropped one on the floor and literally fought with the dogs to save it. Not my finest moment, I know, but they are so good that even a little dog spit didn’t deter me. My suggestion is….don’t buy them. They’re candy crack.

WTF, it’s Wednesday.

Tell me something random. Anything….
Do you oversleep right after Daylight Savings Time? As soon as I say, ‘I never oversleep’ I oversleep like a boss!

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – Potato Ice, Cooking Kids and Candy Crack.

  1. I love your ramdom thoughts while running….mine, hey only 30 seconds of running then I can walk….followed by sweet 30 seconds of walking. And I didn’t love the Beth episode, though the fact they are holed up in the #1 trauma hospital in GA is intriguing…. Daryl and Carol are the best….hopefully they all made it back to the four walls and a roof.

    • Thanks Julie. Daryl is my favorite but I love Carol too. I hate to say it but the only reason I watch Beth is because Daryl sort of cares for her, otherwise, she could get bit tomorrow and I wouldn’t be phased. But nobody and I mean nobody better bite my Daryl, hehe

  2. I NEVER sleep in—-NEVER.
    Up before the sun and when we fall back it is worse for a few days!
    At least I get a ton of stuff done before the rest of the world even thinks about waking up….

    • This was often my statement until last week, LOL. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this has happened. It must have something to do with having the bed to myself…well except for the two dogs 😉

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