I’ve been a busy little booger….

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while.  I’ve been a little preoccupied with stuff and things.

But because I love y’all, here’s an update, in pictures with a few words.

First, I’ve been doing lot’s of running…

Garmin shots This is one of many runs. Sorry I just can’t with all the garmin pics because really, one is plenty. Really!

And I’ve been hanging out with my neighbors.

Peter Peacock

           He only loves me because of my fruit stash.

albino peacocks

           The Albino neighbors are too cool to hang with me.

I got a used farm house table while my sister-in-law was in town and I re-finished it.

the Farm House style table MacGyver insisted we hand rub the finish and it took forever…but it was totally worth it!

MacGyver and I went to a Vintage Fair.  I’ve never been to a vintage fair and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Vintage train

    Go to a very cool vintage fair, don’t buy a thing, check!

My Mom came to town and I got a cake to celebrate.

cannoli cake

                 HOLY CANNOLI! That’s a cake son.

and then I We ate it all in about 2 1/2 days.

I organized our very first community garage sale and tons of people participated.

Garage Sale Set ups According to Mom, presentation is everything. That’s why I let her set most of it up…well there’s that and the fact that I was out running.

After the garage sale, I proceeded to hit up the Mothership the Mall with Mom and I spent every penny I made, plus more.  (Kidding MacGyver, really, just kidding..)

cute dress

                   No I don’t need another dress…I need 5!

I posted a Throwback Thursday picture in which I sported a pretty fine Tennessee Tophat.

Throwback Thursday

This is a obviously a picture my Mom took. She likes to cut off heads. Thankfully my sister made it into the picture…albeit barely.

And it got a little chilly which meant I got to wear my new boots…

New Boots             Got new boots but clearly I needed new jeans.

I also finally wore my orange Pro Compression Socks.

Orange piped shorts My compression socks match the piping on my shorts. Holy shit, I’m a fashionista!

I did a little more shopping and then I came home to this…

Dog Puke

 Nothing says ‘Welcome Home’ like a little dog puke on the floor.

So, that’s the recap.

Tell me what you’ve been doing.

8 thoughts on “I’ve been a busy little booger….

  1. Nice table!
    Looks like you had some pretty good reasons to be absent from blog land. 😉
    I’ve never had a Cannoli before but after watching The Cake Boss, I’ve wanted one ever since..
    Love those boots!

  2. What happened to that peacock’s poor tail?
    I ran 4.4 miles today! This weekend I head north to visit my sister and run a 5k with my niece.

    Nice table!

  3. Love that table! Really nice job, lady!
    So glad you are getting it done with the awesome runs. And thank you for only posting ONE garmin picture. You are absolutely correct that one is enough. LOL.

    Running is nice here but we got snow and COLD (like sub zero cold) last Monday. Have been doing all workouts inside which I am not loving but grateful I have an indoor track (and a pool) to keep me sane!!

    I am so glad you posted. I was just thinking today “I hope everything is OK cuz I haven’t seen a post in awhile”. Feel better that all is well with you!!

    • I am sending some warm weather wishes your way! We are going to be in the 30’s tonite but thankfully it is a brief coldfront which will be over in a few days! I’m so jealous of the indoor pool…

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