WTF Wednesday, What do a mattress and my first assault charge have in common?

Remember how MacGyver and I bought a new mattress and then we hated it? Well, we did. Anyhow, it’s just been sitting in my bedroom for almost a month because apparently even with achy spines, sciatica, and neck pain, MacGyver and I cannot make a decision on a new one. Well there’s that, and the fact that we’re too lazy to take it back.

I'm that lazy
With only a few days to return the damn thing, yesterday we actually had some spare time so I made an executive decision to take it back. If we couldn’t decide on a new bed, then we really had to return the old one or we were stuck with it.

Once MacGyver realized that we could possibly lose the money we spent and be stuck with a bed we hate, he got on board pretty quick. I just had to say, “after 30 days we own it honey, they don’t care if we don’t sleep on it!”

wait wut?
Returning the bed however presented another problem.

You see we couldn’t find the bed we wanted in the store so we ordered it online and it was delivered. Do you know how a memory foam mattress is delivered? FedEx brings it to you….

In a box!

Big no go into small...

A fairly accurate representation.

It’s really kind of amazing to see how this bed works. It’s like those little sea horses you used to get as a kid and you put water on them, and then they grew. Well, there’s no water involved, but you get the picture.

The mattress comes in a box and you open it up and lay it on the frame and within 48 hours it expands to a King sized bed!

It goes from this:

A Bed in a Box
To this:

king sized mattress

Fortunately we were able to take it back to the store even though they don’t carry it in stock. But herein lies the problem, because how on earth do you get the bed back in the box to take it back?

it's confusing
I called the store and spoke with the customer service department representative. She asked for my item number and I gave it to her and she said we could return the item. So then I explained that it was no longer in the box so returning it might be a bit of an issue.

I told her that the mattress was quite large and that MacGyver and I would have a hard time getting it through the front of the store. I asked if we could take it to the loading dock or if there was another place we could go to. She told me to drive it up to the front of the store and come inside, and then she would send out help.

If we only slept in the truck, this would be a piece of cake!

If we only slept in the truck, this would be a piece of cake!

So, MacGyver and I pulled off a miracle and got the damn thing out of the house and on to the back of a flat-bed car hauler that we backed up to the front door. (This is one of those very rare times I am glad my husband is a hoarder and we actually own a flat-bed car hauler.) Once we got the bed outside and onto the hauler, we threw the tiny box it came in in the truck, and we headed off to the store.

MacGyver parked in front of the store and waited by the truck as I ran in to get help. Fortunately the lady I spoke to on the phone was easy to locate and she immediately called someone down to help me. After a few minutes a stock boy came out of the back room with a dolly. A dolly. A DOLLY!

I'm just in disbelief
So again, I explained to the lady that this item was no longer in a box and it was rather large, and I didn’t think a dolly or 1 lonely stock boy would accomplish what we were trying to do. She didn’t listen. Instead she looked past me and to the stock boy and directed him to go outside with me to retrieve the item.

This lady is stupid
I waited until she was out of earshot and I told the kid he needed help so he asked another stock person to come with us. Since it’s been raining here for about a month, I knew we were on borrowed time and it was going to start to pour at any minute.Basically I was stressing out over the situation but MacGyver pointed out that we just needed to get the thing inside the store so we could get a refund. That was all the motivation I needed.

Both stock boys and MacGyver picked up the mattress and carried it to the door, bent it in half to get it through the door and then carried it through the store. Keep in mind, we had to move the mattress all of 30 feet from the front door to customer service department and it took them half an hour.

Once they got to the customer service department, they placed it upright between the counter and the back room entrance where it basically blocked the entire department. That’s just about the time the customer service rep whipped around from the desk and looked me square in the face and said, “Why didn’t you tell me how large this was?”

Since I was pretty close to getting my first assault charge, MacGyver promptly got me out of the store.

WTF Is it Wednesday already?

What’s the worst experience you ever had trying to return something?

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, What do a mattress and my first assault charge have in common?

  1. Haha ours came the exact same way and I remember asking my husband, “what kind of mattress is in a box??” He gets it out, lays it on the bed frame and it’s quite thin at first so I’m standing there staring at him like he got ripped off. Haha turns out we love the thing and still have it… almost 6 years later. 🙂
    Good luck on your mattress quest!

  2. Saw the gas can on the truck gate and thought “she must have been REALLY angry and this is not going to end well.” Sorry about the experience, but thanks for the giggles. Did you get a new mattress or did you end up sleeping in the truck bed??? Mattress shopping is in the top five worst things to shop for list. Ugh! I hate every minute of it, plus hanging out on mattresses that other people have been on is nasty. I embarrassed (as I often do) my boyfriend last time because I was in all kinds of positions trying to test it (fetal, one leg up to my chin, on my back with arms over my head…). We ended up selecting the wrong mattress. We split it. My side is hard and his is soft. Never do that. No possibility of spooning and other stuff is interesting:)

    As for returning, can’t say what the worst is. Think the last time I encountered trouble was at Victoria’s Secret. Tried on one of those community bras in my size and then bought one. Ended up wearing the new, un-tried-on bra and it had one of those defective wires that almost cut off half my breast. The “B” at the store wouldn’t let me return it and looked at me like I was insane for asking. I may have gone a little crazy. In the end she took it back!

    • LOL, returning anything at V.S. is always a nightmare! We still don’t have a mattress but we did order a new one and it will be here Tuesday…I’m sure I’ll be updating. 🙂

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