Weekend Recap, Oh, and I saved a Rockstar!

Happy Monday! How goes it? I for one am a little sad the weekend is over, how about you?
Monday comes whether we like it or not, but since it’s been a few days since my last post, let’s get caught up, shall we?

On Friday UPS delivered the new bed that we ordered. Unfortunately you’re not supposed to sleep on it for 24-72 hours, so we didn’t have a chance to test it out until Saturday night. As of this morning we’ve had 2 full nights of sleep in the new bed, if you can call it that. Because yeah, we hate it.

Another bed

It looks pretty and Hank likes it….if only that counted.

Also on Friday I got a package from Belk. I had ordered some new drinking glasses and fiestaware. The glasses and some of the fiestaware came from UPS. They left the package on my front door and when I picked it up it jingle jangled. Call me silly but I don’t think that glasses or fiestaware should jingle jangle….

jingle jangle

I was right.

So I called Belk……Let me just go ahead and put this out there, Belk is the bomb! They immediately shipped out 16 more glasses, no questions asked. I didn’t even have to return the old ones or email pictures of the broken glass or anything. That’s some awesome customer service right there. Take note, Wal-Mart!

As for the fiestaware, fortunately none of those were broken, but my point here is that If you need something and Belk has it you should totally shop there. And that is not even a sponsored post, that is some sincere shit right there.

The next morning MacGyver and I hit up some Garage and estate sales. MacGyver found way more things than I did, though we did find a few pieces of awesome furniture, (even though we have absolutely nowhere to put it.) I did find a full place setting of fiestaware for three bucks, (so maybe you should actually hit up some garage sales before you shop at Belk…). Anyways, I need to have a garage sale myself pretty soon because I just might have a tendency to shop a bit much.

Nah! I kid. There’s no such thing as too much shopping. Not on my planet!

Shop til ya drop
Sometime during the night on Saturday the weather took a nosedive and I woke up Sunday to 60 degrees! SIXTY! It was beautiful.

Fall Weather!
I got up bright and early and drank a few cups of coffee.


And then I went for a run! Yes, a three-mile awesome run. It was slow and easy, which is all I will be able to do for a while, but it was a 3 mile run. It was also an epic way to start the day.

going Runningrunning
After I finished my run, I walked the last few blocks home. I was just enjoying the weather and apparently so were these guys because they walked a few blocks with me.

And that was an epic way to end the run. 🙂

Not wanting to be left out the dogs were itching to get outside and enjoy the weather as well, so I put their leashes on and we headed out for our walk. We were almost finished when the peacocks showed up again but fortunately the dogs weren’t in the mood to chase birds. The same could not be said for a cute little Boston Terrier who came out of nowhere and chased 3 peacocks across the street.

At first I was startled but I quickly realized that if my dogs saw this dog there could be a problem. My dogs do not play well with others, especially if the other dog is aggressive and I had no idea whether he was or not and I didn’t want to find out. I assumed the owner was nearby and I did the only thing that I could do. I ran.

With my dogs in tow, we ran down the street and I just hoped the other dog was not following. It was working. My dogs were so happy to be running that they just kept going and going, even when the other dog joined us. Apparently my dogs are not all that smart because they didn’t even notice that a third dog had joined the pack, that is, until Boomer got tired.

Once Boomer gets tired he just stops and that’s exactly what he did, and that’s when he noticed the Boston Terrier, about five minutes after it joined us. Did I mention how smart my dogs are?

Anyway, Boomer started barking first and then the terrier barked back, and then Hank noticed, and then it became pandemonium. I somehow managed to get my dogs back to the house and into the garage but the little terrier was not giving up. He followed us into the garage. All he wanted to do was play but since Boomer and Hank didn’t officially invite him in, they considered him an intruder and acted as such.


I’ll have Terrier with my kibble please…


Squirrel's fear me, apparently Terrier's do not.

Squirrel’s fear me, apparently Terrier’s do not.

I finally finagled my dogs out of the garage and into the house when the little terrier ran through my legs, into the living room and right into Hank’s little bed. Now I don’t know how your dog would react to that situation but little Hank was about to turn into Cujo, so I quickly scooped up the little terrier and ran out the front door with him.

After what seemed like an eternity, I did locate the owner and she was extremely grateful. I was sad to see the little pup go especially since he had fallen asleep in my arms while we were walking around the neighborhood looking for his home. We may or may not have shared a few little kisses too. I sort of bonded with the little dude. As the owner was walking off with him I asked her what his name was. “Rockstar”, she said.

Of course it is. I need to get me a little Rockstar….if I could only get the men in my family on board…not likely.

After all that activity I did the best thing for my butt to prevent it from dying again.

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin!

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin!

I love my foam roller!

How was your weekend?
Did you run?
Have you ever taken time off for an injury and if you did, what did it feel like when you first ran again?

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