Vacation again? Yes, this is my life.

Hey from Venice!

We got here this past Thursday nite and are staying through the week and possibly the weekend. (It depends on the fishing.)

Cross your fingers for me that the fishing is good and that MacGyver wants to stay because man, I love to run on the Legacy Trail! So far, I ran 8 miles on Saturday and 5 on Sunday which brought my total miles for the week to 26! That seemed so impossible a few weeks ago but it felt so good. I’m super excited to run the Legacy Trail all week but today is a rest day.

We’ve been having all kinds of good times down here but the pictures will have to wait til tomorrow or the next day. Borrowed internet is not quick or extremely reliable 😉

no internet, what?

Today my sister-in-law and her husband are coming to visit for the week and we are pretty excited. We’ll be doing shit tons of fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, biking, walking, running and the like. I’m also pretty sure if the guys get on our nerves or we get bored with fishing, I can talk my sister-in-law into some retail therapy sessions which should be lots of fun.

shopping is good mmmmkay

I’m okay with 50% off most days.

I hope you enjoy your Monday, don’t work too hard. Until the next update I need to know….

How far did you run this weekend?

Did you run a race?

6 thoughts on “Vacation again? Yes, this is my life.

  1. I don’t run on the weekends.. weekends have been crazy busy lately with school starting and soccer games every Saturday. I love having two days off then starting back up on Monday.

    Girl, you are livin the good life! Haha sure wish I could do the same…in time I’m sure. ☺ enjoy your vacation!

  2. FLOWER!!!! I miss you! Life has been crazy hectic, but the wedding is over ( it was perfect) , so now back to business ( teaching, running, yada, yada…) Yay for your 26 last week…’re gettin ‘ your groove back! I only got in 34 miles last week ( low mileage for me) but that will change starting today! Ran 7.6 this cool am …. I’m running the Honeymoon Half in 2 weeks so I gotta pick up some daily mileage again. Are you up to do doing a half yet? I know they are also offering a 5k and 10k.

    • I miss you too! I wish I was up to a half because I really, really wanted to do that one but maybe I can do the 10K?? We’ll see. I saw the pics of the wedding and it looked beautiful! Congrats to your beautiful daughter! Miss ya so much, can’t wait to run with you again 🙂

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