Throwback Thursday – Ode to MacGyver

This is me at a Colin Hay concert in the Spring of 2010.


Me with Colin Hay

And that’s Colin Hay! Yeah, I know.


MacGyver took me to see him at the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater. It was beyond awesome. I Love Colin Hay’s music and I love MacGyver even more for recognizing that.

It takes a special person to put up with me. I can be pretty stubborn and set in my ways and let’s be honest, some of those ‘ways’ are just not normal. Like how everything in my house is arranged in patterns, and how I eat my food one thing at a time, in alphabetical order.

MacGyver not only deals with all my idiosyncrasies but he makes me laugh about them and I love him for that. He puts me at ease and I have an inner peace knowing that my partner in life loves me for me, including all my crazy.

I am a Monica

Last week after spending hours cleaning the house I walked into the den to see MacGyver eating crackers at his desk without a plate! Stuff like this kills me and he knows it.

Me: You’re seriously eating crackers at your desk without a plate… after I just busted my ass cleaning!
MacGyver: I don’t know what to tell you babe, I’m just a crummy kind of guy. Thank God, I’m not cheesy, cheese is a bitch to clean out of carpet.

And then I laugh.

Several years ago for my birthday MacGyver took me to an Island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. It was beautiful. In all the years I’ve lived here I had no idea that island was there just a mile or so off the shore. MacGyver had only been there once or twice before and just to fish off the shoreline. So exploring the island was a new experience for the both of us.

This island has the most beautiful shells you’ve ever seen. So beautiful in fact that we’ve since taken many of our family members to this island to collect them as well. The fishing is also very good and these are some of the things we discovered when MacGyver first took me there.

This is the Island from an aerial view...

This is the Island from an aerial view…

We also discovered that if you anchor your boat on the wrong side of the island, when the tide goes out you’ll be stranded, and that’s exactly what happened to us. There were a few other boats on the island but no one could get that boat off the beach. MacGyver was worried that he ruined my birthday because we had gotten stranded and we definitely weren’t going to make our dinner reservations.

I was exhausted because we had been out in the sun for most of the day so, when he said he would go and try to catch some fish for us, I took a nap on the boat. I woke up hungry and thirsty and MacGyver was nowhere to be found. It was pitch black dark and I couldn’t find him.

After what seemed like forever, he came walking up to the boat. I yelled at him for leaving me alone, which in retrospect was kind of stupid because it wasn’t Gilligan’s Island and there were no headhunters in sight. I’m not even sure why I was freaked out but it didn’t matter because MacGyver calmed me down and then, he produced the best birthday dinner ever….

Champagne and a Little Debbie Fudge Brownie!

MacGyver really is the perfect guy for me.

That island has become a regular place for us and we love to go there. I go shelling and we both fish. MacGyver is an awesome fisherman and he’s caught quite a few massive fish on that island.

Once when the shell boats brought out some Japanese tourist, MacGyver held up his catch so they could all take pictures.

MacGyver and his little shark
I was so proud and this is actually the ‘small shark’, he caught a bigger one right before this one. And in case I didn’t mention it, my husband is a bad ass!

Now tell me, would you have picked up that shark? (It was a pretty aggressive black tip and when MacGyver actually picked it up it scared the crap out of me!)

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