Throwback Thursday – A convo with MacGyver

Lets celebrate Throwback Thursday with the time I learned a little bit about Man Code Stupidity, compliments of my wonderful partner in life, MacGyver.

oh boy!

Let me set the stage for you. MacGyver pulls a T-Shirt out of his drawer and puts it on. Immediately after pulling it over his head he sighs loudly and then looks at me.

MacGyver: I cannot believe you!

Me: What?

MacGyver: This shirt!

Me: What about it?

MacGyver: Why would you wash it and put it back in the drawer?

Me: Because you just wore it and I hate to break it to you but sometimes you stink and newsflash, sometimes you have to wash your clothes. It’s kind of a thing.

MacGyver: Well, we all know you have’ kind of a thing’ with the washing machine, but just look at this shirt.

Me: What about it?

MacGyver: It’s got holes in it! I wore it to a customer’s house the other day and I was mortified. There are holes under the arms on BOTH sides of this shirt! Why would you wash it and put it BACK in the drawer. It’s obviously a rag now.

Me: Really?

(I then leave the room and go to the bedroom where I retrieve another T-Shirt from MacGyver’s drawer and when I return to the living room I hold up the shirt.)

Me: Do you not also wear this shirt ALL the time?

MacGyver: Yes, but THAT is a good shirt.

(I freakishly point at the shirt like an over exuberant Teacher…)

Me: Then can you tell me what this is here? Located not only on the front, but the back, right here in this location, what is this? WHAT IS THIS????

MacGyver: Those are little holes.

Me: Are you freakin kidding me right now? What makes this shirt any different from the one you are currently holding?!?!?!?

MacGyver: Clearly you have no understanding of an acceptable T-Shirt hole. Midrifft hole acceptable, (yes, he calls it a midrifft). Armpit holes are obviously UNACCEPTABLE!

Me: Really?


Whats the weirdest thing your partner has ever done?

Does he or she mispronounce a word that drives you nuts and refuse to pronounce it correctly? See: midrifft.

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – A convo with MacGyver

  1. Haha my husband has shirts that have holes in the armpits but only wears them around the house or to bed… I’m someone who gets rid of things quite easily but not him… it’s taken him years to throw out t shirts he wore in high school almost ten years ago!!
    He has a weird attachment to his t shirts so it’s kind of a touchy subject lol

  2. My sweet sweet sweet darling husband has levels of dirty socks. Some are dirty enough to wash and some are not so he stuffs those into his shoes. Our shoe closet usually smells like stinky feet!!!!

  3. HAHAHAH that is actually the opposite of steve and I (by the way, he needs a nickname….help?), I am often trying to find those sneaky underwear of his that have giant holes in….yet he will NOT throw away!

  4. Haha! That is pretty darn funny. I am not sure what is the strangest thing he has done. I am the weirdo and now I catch him doing some of my OCD things. Odd thing is he went and bought a ton of these white athletic socks. Mind you he had a pile of good socks. He proceeds to throw out all of the older (not bad) socks. I was like “what the heck?” He says he is tired of sorting the socks ( tranlated: he is tired of “me” taking the time to sort his socks) and this way they are all the same and can just be thrown in the drawer. Here’s the thing, I cannot just throw socks in a drawer like that. They must line up. Pisses him off every time he sees me put them away. AND I wash my whites with his and I have 50 million different types of socks. OCD tactile thing…this sock feels right with this…this one with this…today I can’t wear this one… See I am a mess!

    • No, seriously you are not a mess unless I am because I have the same sock deal! I need them to be the same amount of dingy, same amount of wear, etc. etc. They must match perfect and I line my up…by color and size. Now who’s the weirdo…see? 🙂

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