Friday Favorites

It’s Friday and it’s time for some favorites and these are the things I’m loving this week.

Fall weather!

Of course, my idea of fall weather and your idea of fall weather are probably totally different but did I mention that the high here on Sunday will be around 80? EIGHTY! That’s epic.
Look at these temperatures…

Weekend Weather
And do you know why I’m more excited than usual…. Because after almost 4 weeks, FOUR WEEKS, I am going running this weekend! I’m not sure which day yet or how far I am going to go yet, but the point is that I’m going running. You have no idea how happy this makes me and this is why it is definitely on my list of favorites.

Elaine Dance
Here’s another favorite. This is my new Harry Potter themed necklace. You can order one here.

dumbledore quote

If you’re not a potterhead, I just can’t be your friend.

This is an awesome grammar meme somebody posted on my IG feed. We all make mistakes, including me. If you read this blog I’m sure you’ll find a bazillion misspelled words, typos and grammatical errors but I still love this meme. Is it wrong that sometimes I love it when people can’t spell or use words correctly?

then and than
And now because I’m so excited about running this weekend I thought I share some running funnies with you….hope you enjoy.

run forest run

running funny

What’s your favorite thing this week?

15 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. That is funny (than vs. then). Hey, whatever floats someone’s boat, am I right?!?

    Ryan Gosling. Seriously yummy. I make it no secret how much I adore him 🙂

    And running this weekend is SO AWESOME!!
    I am super happy for you.
    Keep us posted, OK?

    I have gotten slowly back into running. Walk/run intervals. Still have a ways to go but trying not to be greedy and “something” is better THAN nothing.


  2. Dont hate me, but I do not like harry potter.I know that is twice as bad as I am british, but I really can’t stand it. I am sorry! Please forgive me! Kentucky has not really had fall weather yet….well what i would consider it, but looks like it is arriving this weekend! Enjoy your beautiful weather!

    • I forgive you because NONE of my British friends like Harry Potter, hehe. I think you’re weather will more closely resemble ours than it did before your move 🙂 It’s not so bad, I swear. Just wait until January, 😉

  3. Woohoo! I hope your run is amazing! I ran 3.25 miles this week! So happy to get going again. Injuries have a way of making me appreciate ANY distance of running!

    I wonder how Ryan Gosling feels about tons of runner women using his photos as inspiration? Haha bet he never saw that one coming!
    Have an awesome Friday! !

    • I wonder if he even runs? I think I heard he did but I never bothered to google it. Besides, I have way more important stuff to look up like how to get sharpie stains off of a dry bag….don’t ask…

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