WTF Wednesday – Saying goodbye to a friend

I don’t even have to remind you of what day it is do I? Well, just in case:

WTF Wednesday
We had a major loss at our house this past month. I had to say goodbye to a dear friend. I loved my friend dearly even though this friend tried to kill me once. Other than the one incident, we had some really good times together.

It is with regret and great sadness that I say goodbye to my dear friend. Treadmill, I’ll miss you. Treadmill lived a good life but we had to let him go. Of course MacGyver has already figured out a way to harness Treadmill’s energy, even though for all intents and purposes, he’s dead. MacGyver immediately gathered all the materials, got out all the necessary tools, drew out a diagram, ripped out the treadmill innards, and then began the process of assembling……. a windmill.

treadmill motor

That’s the motor of my treadmill….now another project, sigh.

You will live on my friend, you will live on. I would probably be a lot sadder if I could run right now because it will probably be awhile before I get another one. See: MacGyver is cheap. I would have loved to take one last picture with my poor, broken treadmill but MacGyver took full advantage of the situation and ripped it apart before I had the chance to insist we try to fix it. Apparently it’s been a dream of his to build a windmill for a very, very, long time. A windmill.

really, really?
Of course we live in sunny, flat, Florida so it might power up a tiny light bulb on most days, or in the case of a hurricane, the entire state, if it doesn’t blow away that is. I have no idea how he intends to use said windmill but then again, I didn’t ask. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

In running news, I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I won’t be doing ANY for at least another few weeks. As you can imagine this makes me a joy to live with.

My Angry Face

Do not EVEN come near right now.

Since my hip and butt area is all jacked up right now I really just need to focus on icing and resting, high impact exercise is out right now. That’s okay I guess because I’m determined to heal myself this time and not get re-injured. I can walk if I want to and I tried that this morning, but let’s be honest, walking does not give me pleasure me in any way.

I hate this

I feel you Reese, I swear I do.

Actually I don’t mind walking when I can do it on the treadmill and watch a little TV at the same time…oh wait, my treadmill is a windmill project in the garage of an extreme hoarder right now. What the f…., it must be Wednesday!

Tell me something about your day. (Don’t tell me about how you ran today because I may just jump through the internets and rip your running shoes up…kidding…maybe.)

14 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – Saying goodbye to a friend

  1. I feel ya on the no running… I attempted a one miler the other day only to regret it later. Having some heel and Achilles pain.. I’m thinking it’s from my Brooks… the low heel drop I’m not used to so I’m going to find some heel lifts.
    Sometimes I think I don’t know what the heck I’m doing when it comes to running because I keep getting injured.
    Boo hoo lol
    But I’m too addicted to give it up!
    I hope you heal quickly!

  2. Hey girl, I am really sorry you lost your dear friend. Also very sorry about your butt hip thing. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to not run:( You are on my list of badass runners. I on the other hand suck at it, but still enjoy it.

    I will talk about running, but I don’t hink you’ll feel the need to B@#ch slap me…

    The something about my day is my knee feels a tad better. As for running, I won’t be doing it for awhile probably. See, after my lower back/sciatica thing finally subsided, I went and did a race this weekend. A mud run. Guess who got injured on one of the easiest obstacles? yep, ME. I was climbing over the second wall (stupid curb-like 4ft wall) and straightened my leg while pulling my @ss over and my hyperextending knee went back and popped. Had to take the walk of shame back (right past the start line) because I couldn’t finish the race. I could barely walk, but I was bound and determined to not be girly and cry in pain. Instead I went back to the car to change out of my muddy clothes and sobbed from humiliation. LOL Means no Tough Mudder in 10 days:( That friend from Florida was coming up for it too.

    I have to say that your spirit is amazing through these tough running times. I have been a mess. We won’t talk about me going off on the x-ray tech. Less than stellar… Keep your chin up! You will be back at it. Since he can’t come in for Mudder, we are thinking about going to Florida for a race. See…I will run again (or hobble trot). I have my eye on a race next year in Dade, Green Swamp something Looks like cool trails

    Take care!

    • Awe, you poor thing. I am so sorry to hear about your knee, that just plain sucks! You’ll be back at it in no time though, I just know it. And if you do come to Florida, you must tell me when because if I am anywhere near where your race is, I will come and cheer you on! I promise 🙂

      • Awe, thanks! I most certainly will tell you. He lives in Hudson, FL and I am trying to shoot for races within an hours drive of there. Now I just need to get the group of ladies together for both a race and travels. (never easy with us. lol) Wishing you a great day!

  3. Good bye treadmill. I had to say good bye to my Landice earlier this year. It was a great 5 year relationship, but we finally figured out running on it injured me so I moved the runs outside and “convinced” my PT to buy it and replace the crap one he had at his clinic. I see my ‘mill from time to time when I am getting PT but I don’t miss him. I was ready to let him go!

    So sorry about the butt/hip. I do know what you are going through as I travel the same path. So, today I went for a rainy 4.2 mile walk with my dog, followed by rowing machine and 20 minutes yoga. I would have loved to run too and I am getting close but not quite there yet.

    Hang in there, friend! My thoughts are with you.

      • I have taken Macy for a short walk, then dropped her off and home and continued on. I know walking is not the same…I’ve been doing it all summer. But I feel like if I still “pound the pavement” and get fresh air the return to running will be easier. Last summer I was out for almost 7 weeks and didn’t even do walking. Just cycling and swimming. When it was time to come back, I started with a 30 minute walk and my shins were killing me. So, I am just thankful I can walk and when it comes time to “pound harder” with running, my shins will be ready. Plus, miles are miles (or so I tell myself). I have been keeping my monthly total to what it is when I am running (I only run about 4 miles at a time, too) and that makes me feel a little better mentally. And it is all a mind game, don’t you think?

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