Winter’s coming soon…there’s Hope!

When my BIL and the family were down a few weeks ago they made a trip over to Legoland. While they were there my Sister-in-Law let my niece get her face painted. She chose a dolphin, smart girl that one.

Dolphin Face Paint
Later on they went to ride the roller coaster and my niece had a hat on to protect her from the raging Florida sun. Unfortunately the hat rubbed the face paint and when she took the hat off the dolphin was missing its tail. My sister-in-law immediately noticed and told her that they could go back to the face painter and have her fix it but my niece said, “No mommy. Now it looks like ‘Winter’.”

See, I told you she was a smart girl!

As part of the Official Dolphin Tale 2 Blogger Crew through my association with the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I got to preview the new movie and I was ecstatic to be able to bring along my niece and nephew, who had just made the trip to Florida from their home in Virginia. They literally arrived a half hour before the movie began and after a 15 hour drive they were extremely tired, but they were thrilled to see the movie and they loved it. In fact, it’s pretty much all my niece talked about the whole time they were here.

Winter has Hope

My new shirt I received as part of the Dolphin Tale 2 Blogger Crew!

I’ve taken my niece and nephew to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in the past and they’ve seen the first movie so they’re huge ‘Winter’ fans. I’m pretty sure they’ll be seeing the movie again when it premieres this Friday, September 12th. I know I’m going to see it again. I’m already gearing up for it with some of the cool swag I received as part of the Dolphin Tale 2 blogger crew. You may remember when I showed you all of this stuff:

cool swagWell, I’m wearing one of my favorite things from that box today!

I'm looking for a selfie-help group, if you know of one...

I’m looking for a selfie-help group, if you know of one…

If you aren’t familiar with Winter’s story or the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, you can learn more by visiting here. And don’t forget about the movie, Dolphin Tale 2, which premieres this Friday, September 12th!

It’s a great night out for kids but adults will love it too! And don’t forget about the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. If you are ever in Clearwater, Florida or if you live near here and you’ve never been, then you need to add this to your bucket list and go see Winter and Hope at their home. It’s an amazing place.

Do you plan on seeing Dolphin Tale 2?
Are you familiar with Winter the dolphin?

10 thoughts on “Winter’s coming soon…there’s Hope!

  1. Would you be able to tell me if the shirt you are wearing is a junior’s size…and what size? Does it fit small or true? Trying to order for my daughter…:)

  2. Yes! I will see Dolphin Tale 2. I saw the first one on our flight home from Costa Rica and got so emotional watching it (I blamed it on being over tired but the story is so touching).

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