What’s been happening, an accident, and why I’m not running.

Happy Tuesday! I trust you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. We sure did but since it’s been a while since I’ve updated, let’s get caught up, shall we?

On Wednesday of last week, my brother-in-law and his family headed off to LegoLand. After work, MacGyver drove out to meet them and then he, his brother, and our nephew all went to our cabin in Holopaw so they could do “guys things”, (which are things I like to do too but I didn’t want to go to an un-air conditioned cabin in 95+ degree weather, call me crazy I guess.)

My SIL and niece came back home to hang out with me. The night was uneventful and we were all pretty tired so we turned in early.

On Thursday morning we got up early. Me, my SIL, and my niece took the dogs for a long walk and visited the park for a bit. These guys were out in full force and my niece even got some awesome feathers to take home.

Peacocks in my neighborhoodOnce we got back my SIL decided to go ahead and organize some things and pack them and I decided to do a little yard work. Shortly after the afternoon began, my nephew called from Holopaw. He needed insurance information…..
That’s never a good thing people….never.

ATV Fail
After listening to the guys recap, I surmise that my brother-in-law hit something while riding the ATV and it ripped him off and he flipped in the air before landing on the ground. Long story short, it resulted in a pretty serious hematoma. It’s getting better now but it was pretty bad for the first few days and we had to watch carefully to make sure he didn’t get compartment syndrome.

Needless to say the boys all returned before nightfall Thursday evening. In fact, they drove all the way back here before they even made the trip to the hospital, and at that time they actually thought my BIL had a broken leg. Why did they drive all the way back here? Um, because they’re stupid, that’s why.

We’re just glad it wasn’t more serious and in the future, we’ll make sure they all have insurance cards with them!

On Friday morning I had to run some errands and then MacGyver and I hit a few garage sales. We didn’t find anything all that great but we did see a guy riding a bike down the street with a parrot. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of that oddity but I did get a picture of one of my favorite houses in Safety Harbor.
Awesome Art House
Later in the afternoon, MacGyver went home to hang out with his brother (who wasn’t allowed to move around) and I met up with my SIL and my niece to do some shopping. We hit up one of my favorite local stores and then the mall and guess what?
I got my hair cut!

No pictures yet but I will take one soon. It’s not all that different from my normal haircuts but it’s a big deal to me. Anyway, we shopped until pretty late and came home exhausted and went to sleep shortly after.

On Saturday morning I woke up early to text my Mom a happy birthday message and MacGyver and I said goodbye to his brother and family. We hated to see them go. 🙁 We headed off to do a little service call and spent the rest of the day going to some awesome garage sales. We also treated ourselves to the best dessert in the World which really helped to cheer us up!

Fried Ice CreamI got some pretty awesome things but the best thing is this child’s tea set in pink depression glass from 1937. It’s missing two cups and one saucer but I’m determined to find them.

Depression Glass Childrens tea set
You would think after all the garage sales we went to on Saturday we would be tired of them but no, we woke up Sunday and went to quite a few more. I can safely say that I’m addicted to buying other people’s junk. There is probably something seriously wrong with me but I’m convinced I’m buying treasures so I don’t care.

On Monday we shopped for a new mattress which brings me to another subject, running. Oh yeah, this IS a running blog, right?

In case you’re wondering, I am still having issues with my hip and my back as well. Even though running can and sometimes does aggravate the condition, it’s more of a genetic flaw. I can’t correct the situation completely but I can do things to alleviate any pain or prevent further problems.

Anyway, MacGyver and I both have back issues and therefore, we need a good mattress. We have a really good firm one at the Venice house and we have a good firm one at our Clearwater house too, but it’s a Queen and it’s in our spare bedroom. About a year ago we got a new King bed for our bedroom. We decided to get a Tempur-Pedic mattress since we like the one at the Venice house, but apparently we got one that is crazy soft and it hurts both of our backs. So, we made the decision to sleep in our spare bedroom and look for a new mattress.

FYI…it’s really hard for two full size adults and a 125 pound lab plus a mini dachshund to share a Queen sized bed. No matter how you stack us, someone usually gets pushed off or pushed around and it’s usually me. So needless to say, my back and my hips are still pretty jacked up and I am not running right now. I hope to be back at it in less than a week but more on that later in the week….

We did find a mattress but it won’t be delivered until Friday so until then, I’m not I’m not stressing out about not running. A little time off never hurt anyone and I am still cross training. Plus, I get to play with this little guy all morning.

Mommys baby HankWho can resist that?

So, what did you do this weekend?
Do you have or have you ever had a bad back? (My back is a royal pain in my ass.)
Ever crashed an ATV? (I have and it wasn’t pretty.)

14 thoughts on “What’s been happening, an accident, and why I’m not running.

  1. Update on bonehead BIL: took him for a second follow up with our family physician and six…count ’em…SIX needle-holes later, the doc still couldn’t drain that huge, honkin’ hematoma. Elevation, moist heat, and most importantly, TIME are what’s needed to heal this wound. Patience, too. LOTS of patience. From me. Lest I freak out at having to do not only all my daily crap, but his too. Word of advice, folks: never let your hubby get injured while playing on ATVs with his brother. Just sayin,. Hugs, Pathetically-tired-SIL-in-VA-who-still-hasn’t-unpacked-her-crap

    • You poor thing! He better take you out and buy you diamonds after this and I think his ‘common sense impaired’ brother should chip in! Love you, miss you and big, big hugs right back atcha 🙂

  2. Ouch! Glad he’s ok!
    I’ve only crashed into some bushes with a four wheeler but when we were younger, my sister ran my foot over while we were riding a three wheeler… I also got thrown off the back of a four wheeler because my best friend didn’t take off right, popped a wheelie and I busted my tail bone on the road! I cringe remembering that day… I guess I should stay away from riding on the back..

    I’m not running right now either… bursitis of the left heel… no bueno. I’m hoping to get in to see our foot Dr today.. ah the joys of running.. and we just can’t stop. 😉

  3. I had a laminectomy and discectomy in 2010 and oddly enough that is what got me running again after leaving it on the shelf in my early forties. I started real slow and still do run walks because that is the best for me. I get a great workout and don’t cause back pain. I have also noticed that friends who are around my age (51) and do continuous running seem to have more injuries than I do. I haven’t had an injury (back or otherwise) in almost 2 years.

  4. Oh, wow, I am glad he is OK. Scary! Rick crashed an ATV really badly once. Damaged 2 cars but he was OK.

    We had a lovely weekend of lunches out, movies, Harley Davidson bike rally, and doing some things around the house (I guess I am in my fall cleaning/organizing mode).

    Yes, I have terrible back, hip issues. I can really empathize with you.
    What exercises do you need to do for yourself to get things back into place?

    Right now I am in PT and the work she had me do this past week is really helping. I am still not running but finally (maybe) seeing a glimmer of hope to get back to my few days per week routine. We shall see. I am just trying to be very thankful for pain free walking, cycling and swimming!

    Have a wonderful day!!

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