Think About it Thursday…Endurance running is the new cheeseburger

Today is Thursday. A good day to think. Think about it Thursday…I like it. I’m keepin it.

Wanna know what I’m thinking about? The fact that no matter how much time I take off, my butt still hurts. It seems like the older I get the longer the recovery time. I also find that when I try to put in the same hours as I used to, I just can’t do it. I end up injured every time…unless, I weight train hard-core. Meaning, at least 4 days a week. I really believe weight training is key, well that and a rock hard ass. That would probably help to.

Rock Hard Ass
Anyhow, researching this dead butt of mine, I came across a few articles about endurance running being the “equivalent of a cheeseburger”, what? I just can’t even….but in case you’re interested in those articles, here they are…

I’m not really sure how I feel about this information but there is some science behind it. I think the key here is adequate recovery….but I’ll let you be the judge.

I'm not sure how I feel about this article as it seems like the author is biased....

I’m not sure how I feel about this article as it seems like the author is biased….

“Even if you’re not an endurance athlete or aiming to be, this evidence is enough to make you reconsider how many miles you log on that treadmill. The research suggests that extended episodes of cardiovascular exertion without proper recovery can be dangerous for athletes and non-competitive runners alike.” Read the full article here.

And there is this article from the Wall Street Journal

is endurance running badYou can read that article by going here.

I’m sticking to weight training and adequate recovery time but I’m not giving up on endurance running anytime soon. I love it too much. For anyone else who is having issues with hip, butt or whatever pain, check out this article from Runner’s World.

Building EnduranceRead the article in its entirety here.

And how about a little inspiration? Have you heard about this boy with autism ranked one of the top 10 runners in the country? He ran a 4:07 mile! He’s amazing. If you have just a few seconds, go here and read his story.

running with autism
And this last thing is totally unrelated but ever since our trip to the boats and goats place I’ve wanted one of these creatures. Of course my goat would live in the house just like my dogs, or this girls.

mini goatClick here to see the video, it’s adorable…

Now, think about it, you know cause it’s Thursday, and then tell me:

Do you think endurance running is bad for you? (Not with adequate recovery and weight training)

Do you think a goat would make a good pet? (Heck yeah!)

10 thoughts on “Think About it Thursday…Endurance running is the new cheeseburger

  1. When these articles first came out and even now, they make me cringe. No no no. Exercise is not bad for you. It can’t be. This just gives people excuses for why they “shouldn’t” exercise. And yes, goats are great pets! They aren’t picky eaters.

  2. Really interesting post. The original articles seem to be talking about really extreme athletes who never rest/recover, although I didn’t go on & read any of the actual research. Still makes me think everything in moderation is always the best policy, in both endurance running & eating cheeseburgers. I’d say you are on the right track with rest/recover time and cross-training.

  3. I think “good for you” and “bad for you” are totally dependent on the individual. Some people can train hard, run many miles day in and day and out and be just fine. Others, not so much. On my 42 year journey I am just learning to do what is best for my body. No matter how much I want to run a lot of miles, it’s not going to happen. Finding balance by adding swimming, cycling, weights + yoga is what seems to be working for me. 2-3 days on the pavement is just enough. And keeping my workouts to 60-75 minutes is key as well. Except for a weekly long bike ride (20-25 miles) I do much better with workouts that don’t go above about an hour or so.

    I am sorry you are still having issues. I feel your pain (literally). Beyond frustrating. Hang in there.

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