WTF Wednesday – Excercise is bad for your teeth!

I don’t know what it is about this time of year but for some reason I get extremely busy with work. That’s okay for the most part except that when I go from really slow to can’t keep up, I get a little nutty and have a tendency to lose all my marbles.

Is you okay?

No, No I am not okay!

It’s most likely because I forget to eat and let me tell you, that is NEVER a good idea. When my blood sugar gets low, I get all kinds of crazy and I make really bad choices in food selections.

Bad Ideas

I don’t know why I thought Checkers burgers, chili dogs and fries was a good idea for dinner but I did….

Yes, that’s what I chose, Checkers. I ate everything too. A bacon cheeseburger, a chili dog and large fries, but guess what? I’m not even sorry. Not one bit. Sometimes, it’s okay to lose your shit and eat something bad as long as it doesn’t happen all the time.

It’s also okay to go get yourself a frozen caramel coffee coolatta from Dunkin Donuts, like this one.


Unfortunately, I did not leave with a frozen caramel coffee coolatta. I left with the coffee and this.

Yes, a few of them were missing before I got home. Yes, I have an allergy that should prevent me from eating these kinds of things. Yes, I have a brain. Yes, I ate them anyway.

I just do stupid things sometimes....

I just do stupid things sometimes….

Because I wasn’t already sick of my computer, I was perusing the internet news last nite when I saw this magazine cover.

famous mag

WTF? Seriously? Losing 8kg is like 17 pounds or something and that cellulite looks like a really bad photoshop job and shame on this magazine for fat-shaming, that is wrong on so many levels. UGH! This kind of stuff makes me ragey.

And then I saw this article

bad oral hygeine
Have you heard about this study? That’s crazy! I’m interested in reading more about this…

But the worst of the news stories was yet to come. I scrolled on over to Yahoo to read the entertainment stories and that’s when I saw it. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

honey boo boo news
Sugar Bear and Mama June Split up y’all!

C’mon, you know that story was a perfect follow up to the bad oral hygiene story, right? I don’t know what I find more distressing, the fact that people are surprised that these two split up, or the fact that it was CNN that reported this info!

WTF, it must be Wednesday!

What’s your WTF moment for today?

Gator huntin and taking pictures of a Johnson, my wild weekend.

Happy Monday to ya. We’re back from Venice and our interesting little mini vacation. I say interesting because it looked like this for most of the time we actually we’re able to get out:

Cloudy and some rain
The rest of the time, it poured rain and that’s the Vacation recap. Goodbye.


It rained all day Friday so MacGyver and I decided to hit up a few estate sales and find some garage sales. The funny thing about going to those kinds of sales when it’s raining is that most people cancel their sales and if they don’t cancel, shit is real cheap. Cheap makes me happy, but it makes MacGyver ecstatic!

My husband is soooo cheap...
After the garage sales, we headed back home and got bored rather quickly. As soon as there was a break in the rain we went out the canal we’re we discovered this guy…

AlligatorGator gets closer
In case you can’t figure that out, and because he’s almost completely submerged, I’ll help you out….IT’S A GATOR! And it decided to move into our canal. So, MacGyver and I did the only thing we could do.

We went gator huntin!

Here’s the thing they don’t tell you on Swamp People, gators are not stupid. As soon as you come near them they go under water and typically they’ll swim away when you come towards them but if they’ve been getting food from humans, then all bets are off. We’ve got a neighbor who feeds them whenever they get into the canal so this one wasn’t afraid but he did escape MacGyver’s bow. This tilapia however, did not.

bow through talapia
Before long, it was getting dark and that’s not the time to hunt gators so we abandoned the hunt. Unfortunately, one tilapia does not a dinner make, so went to dinner at this awesome place:

Plaza MExico
The next morning I pulled up the online edition of the local paper and look what I saw:

Man escapes gator attack
I kept looking for the gator all weekend but not because I wanted to hunt it, because I didn’t want to get eaten!

Oh Snap
The next day MacGyver decided to go fishing even though it was still sporadically raining. I decided to stay home because fishing in the pouring rain doesn’t exactly appeal to me. Guess what happened? Yeah, it didn’t rain. So, MacGyver caught tons of fish and I mowed the entire lawn. See what happened there? MacGyver is obviously a genius.

I was bored again that afternoon so I took pictures of MacGyvers Johnson.


Oh, wait did you think I meant his…….? Shame on you!

I told him what I was doing and he sort of smirked.

Then I said, “After I take pictures of your Johnson, I’ll come over there and pull it for you.”

It cracked me up, but MacGyver said, “I am not participating in your boat porn conversation.”

Obviously, things go awry when I’m bored….

Sunday, we said the hell with the weather and we both went fishing with the dogs in tow.

daddy and the babies fishing

It poured most of the time but I didn’t mind once I started catching fish. Here is our haul for the day.

Mangrove snapper
Those are mangrove snapper. I caught most of them, just thought I’d throw that out there.

After we cleaned up the house and the boat and gave the dogs a bath, it was time to head home. I took Hank outside to go potty one last time before jumping in the car and we got ourselves into a sticky situation.

Tree Frog

Look up over our heads….

Yep, the tree frogs are back.  Oh, joy!

Yep, the tree frogs are back. Oh, joy!

Good times.

And that was the weekend in a nutshell.

What did you do this weekend?

Do you watch Swamp People?

Do you wanna go gator huntin? (I still do even though I’m a little more scared than before.)

Friday Faves

Hey kids, Hello from one of my favorite places

Venice FloridaSo that’s ONE of my favorite things this week.

Also then there’s this:

Dunkin Donuts Sweet Tea

Dunkin Donuts Sweet Tea, YES PLEASE!

And I’m also lovin this plaque which I bought for MacGyver’s office but I may have to keep myself because, well, just because.

up to my ass in alligatorsI also bought a new umbrella for the outside table at the house in Venice. It’s cheesy but it looks tropical so I really don’t care.

tropical umbrellasOf course it will probably look way more tropical or at least feel way more tropical after the monsoon lets up and all of the water dries….oh and some sunshine would help too…

Oh well, at least it’s apple season and that’s another favorite thing!


I’ll take them all please and thank you!

And the last favorite I’d like to share with you is this song from Mary Lambert. At first, it irritated me but give it a chance because I’ll be damned if it didn’t grow on me and now, I love it.

What’s your favorite things this week?