Mondays happen every week? Oh crap!

Happy Monday…or is that even possible?

I hate MondaysThis weekend MacGyver and I decided to stay home and get some things done around the house…..So, on Saturday we got up bright and early and then….

Just pausingActually, we did spend about 6 hours going to garage sales so that’s something right? It was fun too, well, except for when MacGyver dropped a lawn chair my head, that wasn’t really fun.

The other thing that happened this weekend was that we got our new bed! You may remember that our old bed was causing some issues and we ordered a new one hoping that a new firmer mattress would alleviate our back pain. We were super excited when the new one arrived and then we slept on it.

Very soft mattressAnd Hated It!

Did I mention we ordered a super firm mattress? Yeah? Well, apparently ‘super firm mattress’ means you only sink down about 4 or 5 inches because clearly, it is not a firm mattress!

Cat with no spine

If only I had a cat’s spine…

We have no idea what we want to do now. We don’t trust the manufacturer to send us another firm mattress because we’re pretty sure it’ll still be too soft; and we don’t want to deal with searching for another one, so we’re in ‘we’re too lazy to deal with our mattress and we’ll take the backache’ limbo right now. Maybe you’ve been there before? No? Oh well, it’s not a fun place anyway.

Despite our raging backaches, we did get a little more motivated on Sunday and we cleaned out one our sheds. MacGyver fixed the electrical outlets so that I’d have light and power inside the shed. The only one who enjoyed any part of that project was Hank and he loved it!

Hank digs a holeMacGyver strained his back even more digging a trench. I dropped a shelf on my head and later I followed it up by straining my hip a little more while trying to sprint away from several wasps, after I accidentally knocked down their nest.

Other than the occasional sciatica pain I hadn’t had a lot of pain in my hip for a few days…until that moment, and as I tried to run away from the wasps, that’s when I felt a stabbing pain deep inside my hip.

hip pain lego scale
Last night I foam rolled it and iced it and I felt a lot better this morning so I went ahead with my planned run/walk. I made it 3 miles but I’m not sure I’ll run anymore this week. Time will tell but in the meantime, I’m going to continue with strength training and pull out the old bike.

The moral of the story is: household chores will totally stall your recovery so you probably shouldn’t do them.

I hope your Monday is as pleasant as can be. I need to get to work now so I better get going but I really need to know something….

What’s the one household chore you hate the most?

Have you ever been injured while doing chores?

12 thoughts on “Mondays happen every week? Oh crap!

  1. I hate dusting or cleaning blinds!

    Have you considered a memory foam type matress? We have one and it’s actually pretty firm and forms to your body. We’ve had it for about 4 years and it still feels the same. We love it!
    I hope the rest of the week turns out better than your Monday!

    • It is memory foam. We have a memory foam mattress at the vacation house and we love it so that’s what we went with. We chose a super firm with gel for cooling and it’s not even close to the one we have at the other house, and the other one is discontinued by the way…go figure. We are going to try another manufacturer so we’ll see what happens.

      You dust your blinds? Dang, I am lazy! 🙂

  2. Oooof not sure what to say about the mattress, that is annoying! I was thinking about getting a firm mattress to sleep better….now I am not so sure……

    I dislike dusting the most, as you have to lift and move things around to get underneath!

  3. I hate pulling weeds here in AZ. Part of it is my fault. We have desert landscaping and we have river rocks and rocks bigger than pebbles. When weeds grow, you’re better off pulling them instead of spraying them here. My thumbs and hands get beat up trying to get down to the roots…

    • I hear you on the weeds. I hate the maintenance part of landscaping period. What’s worse is that I usually take care of this house and the vacation house and it’s almost too much for me to handle. But, it does beat mowing the ginormous property so I guess I have it better than MacGyver.

  4. I was wheeling our yard waste cart one time and tripped and fell into it and pulled my hamstring. UGH. Painful and embarrassing. Rick was like “what the hell just happened”. LOL.

      • I am such a klutz! Like unreal how often I injure myself (or have a super close call) just conducting my day to day functions. As I get older, I am actually trying to “slow down and pay attention” because one of these days, it’s gonna be bad. But the hamstring pull was awful. I was out of running for almost 8 weeks!!

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