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So, I woke up at 5am. That’s the time I wake up every morning. Except I usually run, and I’m not running right now, so waking up at 5am just makes me cranky. CRANKY!

I had a ton of stuff I wanted to tell y’all about today. It would have been super interesting and funny, the kind of post you save in your feedly and share with all your friends for weeks on end. Really I did. It was all in my head just waiting to be typed out.

I just needed to get a few work things done and then I could write that epic post, you know, the one that goes viral and garners shit tons of attention. The one that puts me on the map, suddenly makes this blog profitable, and allows me to do nothing but write about my hilarious adventures and keeps y’all coming back day after day.

Of course all that was before I opened up my computer. Although my screen looked vastly different from the following screen, my reaction was pretty much the same.


punching the computer


I feel much better now. 🙂

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  1. Getting up early on days I am planning rest is about the hardest thing for me. I mean…what is a girl to do with all that free time? Really makes me miss working out, but I am so committed to my rest days because they are SO important. Since I can’t sleep in (grrr) I try to plan things to do to pass the time: bake, art work, some home organization project, grocery shop (ain’t no one there at 5 am!!) or even watch a documentary that I know Rick has zero interest in watching. It makes it a BIT easier. Just a bit…..

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