Friday Faves

Hey kids, Hello from one of my favorite places

Venice FloridaSo that’s ONE of my favorite things this week.

Also then there’s this:

Dunkin Donuts Sweet Tea

Dunkin Donuts Sweet Tea, YES PLEASE!

And I’m also lovin this plaque which I bought for MacGyver’s office but I may have to keep myself because, well, just because.

up to my ass in alligatorsI also bought a new umbrella for the outside table at the house in Venice. It’s cheesy but it looks tropical so I really don’t care.

tropical umbrellasOf course it will probably look way more tropical or at least feel way more tropical after the monsoon lets up and all of the water dries….oh and some sunshine would help too…

Oh well, at least it’s apple season and that’s another favorite thing!


I’ll take them all please and thank you!

And the last favorite I’d like to share with you is this song from Mary Lambert. At first, it irritated me but give it a chance because I’ll be damned if it didn’t grow on me and now, I love it.

What’s your favorite things this week?

12 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Apppleeesss! yes! Those are also on my favorites list, I went apple picking last weekend, and have some the size of my head, the bigger the better for me! That alligator quote is awesome! Another of my favorites right now? The beautiful fall weather 🙂

  2. OMG I remember when I used to go apple picking with my dad and we would make tons of apple sauce and apple pies! OMG the memories! I completely forgot about that, until JUST NOW! 🙂

  3. I LOVE the umbrella!!! How cute is that. Nothing cheesy about it. I would make it cheesy by putting it up in my Michigan backyard. Don’t think I wouldn’t! Apples are reminding me of cider mill time in our parts. Pass by it every weekend I hit the trails and my anticipation is growing. The boyfriend says he just knows we never hit the trails, but hit the mill or buffet instead. grrrr I am surprised by the fact that I like that song and video. I just had to get past here tattoo. It looks smeared. Needs to be cleaned up.

    Favorite thing about this week. Ummm, want to say that it is Friday, but I would say it is my doc. I really love my doc. He’s a great guy and even when things are rough in a visit we have a good laugh:) Have a blast in Venice!

  4. Oh, love love love that umbrella! My favorite thing this week was SUNSHINE. We got very close to 90 degrees Wed, Thurs and maybe today. This makes me extremely happy.

    Have an awesome weekend!

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