Food for the (runner’s) brain.

As you may or may not know, or maybe you don’t even care but it’s my blog so I’m telling you anyway, I’m a bit injured right now and it sucks, I won’t lie. I’m doing everything I can to recover and not to be a bitch in the process.

Doing everything I can also entails reading everything I can and arming myself with the information that I need to be a better and stronger runner. I don’t want to wind up in this boat again. If you’ve ever been in my position or if you just want to learn more about keeping yourself healthy and strong, you might enjoy these articles. These are some of the things that I’ve been reading about lately:

How to stay fast after 40…Oh, Lordy, this article really made me feel old at first, but hey, reality is reality, right? If you’re under 40 you can skip this one.

Fast over 40From the article:
“Overtraining in younger athletes generally results from an extended period of running too hard, too long, or a combination of both. In masters runners, a single instance of two hard workouts in a row without adequate recovery can do the same. That’s because aging slows healing in muscles and connective tissue, reduces some hormonal production (including Growth Hormone [GH or HGH], which activates fitness adaptation), and is inevitably accompanied by a loss in nervous system efficiency. Blast your body while it’s still struggling to recover from a previous workout, and we masters don’t bend, we break.”
Read more here

When I am able to run again, I want to be faster and definitely stronger, this article had some great exercises for the hamstrings, some I’m already doing but others that I have been trying to incorporate into my strength training.

exercise to be better runnerFrom the article:
“If you’re a dedicated runner, you’ve probably got quads of steel. But to run farther and faster, it’s just as important to strengthen your hamstrings, according to a new study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Why? It all comes down to your running economy—or how efficiently your body uses oxygen.” Read more here

I loved this next article a lot. It’s all about improving your running efficiency which is something I, (and I’m sure other runners), often overlook. This article is especially interesting to me because as someone with scoliosis, I’m already dealing with imbalances and poor form but I think this article would be a good read for any runner.

imrpove efficiencyFrom the Article:
“It’s not uncommon for runners to acquire muscle imbalances that create more work for the body when we ask it to run or move (inefficiency). In fact, even runners that strength-train regularly can fall victim to muscle weakness if they’re not addressing the imbalances directly.” Ream More Here

As runners, we know that core work is essential to our running and this article was great. I guess trying to achieve the longest plank isn’t all that helpful and I wasted quite a bit of time doing the wrong kind of planks!

Your doing the wrong planksFrom the Article:
“Stuart McGill (a top authority and researcher of low back pain and function) recommends holding a plank for 10 seconds, tops, followed by a brief, 1-to-2 seconds-long relaxation of the muscles.” Read more here

And last but not least, if you could buy workout clothes that actually tracked your workout like your fitbit or your garmin, would you buy them? I’m not sure what to think about this but coming soon there is a company that will be offering workout clothes that’ll actually tell you if you need to sweat a little more…

Athos Smart Workout WearRead more about Athos Smart Workout wear here

I love reading articles about the latest trends in running and fitness. Do you have any links to any great articles you want to share with me?
Do you read a lot of articles or books or magazines when you’re injured?

2 thoughts on “Food for the (runner’s) brain.

  1. Thank you for so much good info. I love the plank one. That is yoga!! This is why I am committed to my 20 minute yoga flow session 3-4 times per week. The plank to down dog is building more core like nobody’s business!!

    I am sorry the hip is still cranky.
    I will just say “getting old is a bitch”. I love my attitude at 42 but I don’t always love how my body performs at 42.
    Sigh…what are ya gonna do?!?

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