WTF Wednesday, Ice cream that NEVER melts!

I woke up late this morning. That is something I almost never do and yet I’ve done it twice in a week, Saturday and again this morning. Obviously my body is trying to tell me something. What that something is, I do not know but maybe it’s just telling me I’m tired. I still went running even though I didn’t leave until after 7:30. It was crazy hot and I barely got 3 miles in and that was that. I was done.

I have no idea why I would be so tired since I basically sit on my ass all day but apparently that trip to the mailbox yesterday did me in so I think I’ll take it a little easier today.

Just do it tomorrowI was watching a rerun of The Doctors last week and they told the story of Persis Draper. That’s the lady from Arizona who hit a runner and then drove off. She’s pleading the diarrhea defense. No, really.

I haven’t heard anything else about this story but if anyone knows how that worked out for her, I’d like to know. I really hope she didn’t get off easily just because she had a bout of diarrhea, that would be bullshit, literally.

Have y’all seen that news story about the woman whose child left an ice cream sandwich outside and it didn’t melt? Seriously. A Mom in Cincinnati bought her kids Great Value Ice Cream Sandwiches from Wal-Mart and her son accidentally left one of them outside in 80 degree weather for 12 hours. Imagine her surprise when she found it and it HADN’T melted!

A disc jockey at a radio station in Sioux Falls, Idaho was so stunned by this report that he did his own test and here are the video results:

Crazy, right?

Well, when I heard this I wasn’t too shocked but then I heard about the MacDonald’s hamburger….

Oldest HamburgerThat hamburger is 15 years old.


You can read the story about it here.

If you weren’t a little concerned about the preservatives and additives that the food industry uses before, maybe these two stories will give you some new prospective. They have for me.

Lastly my Mom is in St. Simon’s Island, Georgia with my brother and his family this week. They’re having a blast and she sent me a picture of the beach where they’ve been swimming every day.

Beach at St. Simon's IslandIt’s beautiful right? Did you look closely? In case you didn’t here’s a close up.

A shark in the waterA shark! They feed every morning and my brother went down there and snapped the picture. I wanted to share it with you and remind any of you who may be visiting the beach this summer to never swim at dusk or dawn. That is time that most sharks feed and the most likely time to be bitten, so please, be careful!

Okay, it’s your turn, tell me your WTF it’s Wednesday story….

12 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Ice cream that NEVER melts!

  1. Wow… I feel like such a bad parent for ever letting my kids eat McDonalds! That place is evil.
    And I’m thinking it must be just the store brand ice cream sandwiches that are fake… I bought some Nestle Ice cream sandwiches not that long ago, drove home which is about 7 minutes from the store and they were so melted the kids couldn’t eat one until they firmed up again in the freezer. So…to make myself feel better, I’d like to think Nestle is the way to go for ice cream sandwiches. haha

    We thought we saw sharks while visiting Monterey, Ca a couple months ago…turned out to be dolphins. It’s a good thing we didn’t alert the beach patrol. Yeah, we’re central valley folks.

    • I used to let my son eat at McDonalds when he was little too so don’t feel bad. At least now we are armed with better information and can make better decisions. Knowledge sure if power! Love the dolphin story and it’s not uncommon to mistake them for sharks, they look similar in a lot of ways 🙂

  2. I remember a long time ago we went diving in an area where there were lemon sharks. I think I was one of the first ones to come back up for air. I was so scared. And yuck on that ice cream!

  3. Yikes, that is gross!!! Both the McDonald’s hamburger and the Walmart Ice cream sandwich!! Can’t believe the ice cream sandwich didn’t melt. Just disgusting that things like that are for sale for us to eat!

  4. GROSS! GROSS! GROSS! I hate it because my kids see McDonalds as a treat and I try to tell them it’s gross. But we usually give in and let them go about twice a year and this post makes me sick about it. We are usually so good about preservatives etc. And OMG! Shark?!

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