WTF Wednesday – hanging out with Harry Connick, Jr.

Well this is it, the final installment in my series of post about the best weekend ever but THIS is one of the most exciting things that happened.

So, after visiting the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and then going to the screening of “Dolphin Tale 2” I didn’t think anything could top that, but I was wrong.

On Sunday morning the Dolphin Tale 2 blog ambassadors met once again at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort where we were invited to conduct roundtable interviews with…………………………………….some of the actors from the movie, Dolphin Tale 2!

I mean, this is my life right? We live in Tampa Bay, not L.A. Somebody pinch me…please.

the cast

Cozy Zuehlsdorff who plays Hazel Haskett, Nathan Gamble who plays Sawyer Nelson and Harry Connick, Jr. who plays Dr. Clay Haskett!

To say that I was excited was an understatement, I mean hello, Harry Connick, Jr., I die, seriously. By the time I arrived at the resort I was a nervous nelly.

The interviews were held in a small room and we were all seated around a table with the actors at one end. We were all allowed to ask questions for the next 20-25 minutes. Once the actors came into the room they immediately put us at ease. Cozy Zuehlsdorff even said we were cool! No really, she did. Such a smart girl…

Over the course of the interview we learned a lot about what it was like on the set. Since all of the main cast has returned for the second movie they were already familiar with each other but you could also tell that they really care for one another and it was truly endearing. They bantered with each other just like family members.

Cozy Zuehlsdorff (Hazell Haskett) and Nathan Gamble (Sawyer Nelson) are two of the most well adjusted, and talented kids I have ever met. Both actors are now spokespeople for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. You can see the admiration that they have for Winter when they speak about working with her and how much she means to them.

clays house

You can see this house boat at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It was used on the set as the home of Dr. Clay Haskett. (Harry Connick, Jr.)

Harry Connick, Jr. said that of all the movie experiences he’s had, working on “Dolphin Tale 2” was one of the best. He also said that working with Winter again was a thrill.

As residents of the Tampa Bay area, we were all pretty excited to hear the characters in the movie mention some of our favorite local places, such as Frency’s, and it was quite interesting to learn which places the actors actually enjoyed while filming. I was pretty excited to learn that Harry Connick, Jr. loved Casa Tina’s which is one of my favorite places as well!

Oh, and I think it’s important to mention that Harry Connick, Jr. is hilarious, no I mean, freakin hilarious. Not only is he a talented actor and accomplished musician but he’s quick witted as all get out and he had us laughing from the moment he walked through the door, a true southern gentleman full of charm! *I crushed hard core….

After the roundtable discussion, we took pictures with the cast.

meeting the cast

Harry’s hand is on my shoulder….HARRY’S HAND IS ON MY SHOULDER!

Notice Harry Connick, Jr. has his hand upon my shoulder….Oh, I already said that…ahem.

I really enjoyed meeting the cast, (especially Harry Connick, Jr.) and even though I didn’t really know what to expect, it was actually a very pleasant experience. I left feeling like these three people truly care about their work and are very proud of this movie. I could tell that they share a special bond with each other, as well as with Winter, and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

I will definitely be going to see this movie again and I am really looking forward to following the careers of all of these wonderful actors.

If you could meet anyone of the actors from Dolphin Tale 2, who would it be and what would you ask them?

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