WTF Wednesday….

This morning I ran for the first time since my birthday. It did not go well!

Running FailI didn’t run into a wall but I did trip over the sidewalk. No new injuries to report but my dead butt is back with a vengeance, and since I have a hard time lifting up my right leg tripping over sidewalks are a hazard of the trade. Time for some icing and resting and we’ll see what happens…this story is to be continued at a later time.

Yesterday we went to Mazzaro’s for lunch. They have awesome Italian food but their desserts are what dreams are made of. In fact, we spent more on the desserts than we did on lunch for six people! Yeah, I know. Wanna know the worst part? My Brother in Law and the family all went to Legoland today and MacGyver headed out to work, so they left me here all alone….with the desserts. I ate every single bite of every single dessert by 9am and I really wish I was kidding but I am not. It’s by some stroke of luck (or a miracle) that I am not in a chocolate coma right now.

I ate all of the dessertsThis morning I made a quick trip over to the Wal-Mart for some essentials, and by quick I mean I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Fortunately I had gotten there early so I got a choice parking spot right in the front of the store.

After shopping, I walked to my car and began putting the groceries into the back when another car approached and stopped to wait on my spot. Now, mind you, I am nothing if not quick, and I got those groceries into my car lickety-split, much to the delight of the young lady waiting on my parking spot. It was about that time that I obviously did the unthinkable and ruined this young lady’s day because I started to roll the cart back to cart coral…..

Oh, the horror! What in the bloody hell was I thinking? How could I be so inconsiderate as to make this lady wait whilst I rolled the cart over to the coral located a ridiculously lengthy 20 feet away! Apparently this action was not only inconsiderate but I committed the most heinous crime which she felt was worthy of my death because she then said, “I hope you die”. Nice lady, nice.

Oh people of Wal-Mart, you really need to be on television.

And one last thing but I want to preface this by saying that I learned how to shoot a gun at a very young age and I also learned about gun safety at a young age. MacGyver and I have our own shooting range on our property and we strongly believe in the right to own and to bear arms.

That being said, a small caliber weapon is quite sufficient to use for teaching and for protection. I don’t think it’s a good idea to give a 9 year old an Uzi and this is why.

WTF? It must be Wednesday.

Do you have a WTF moment for the day? Please share….

Have you ever suffered from a dead butt or piriformis syndrome? (If you have tell me what helped, please!)

16 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday….

  1. Hi! Okay, I ran into this earlier on and I never even watched it but as soon as I read the words “piriformis syndrome” I thought of you (lol I suppose there are WORSE things your name could instantly be synonymous with…) Anyway, maybe you’ve even already seen it and maybe it’s a bunch of garbage and not at all helpful but I thought I would send it along just in case and hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. When I had a knot in my piriformis, I did the stretch for it that’s like making the #4 with your legs. Put the affected leg/foot on the opposing knee and then bring up that opposite knee (good side) to your chest. Hold for a bit. I did that a couple of times in a row and surprisingly it works to away. I just had a knot for a long time. It didn’t majorly affect my gait or anything (that I know of at least lol)

  3. Ugh, sorry about the butt. You were doing SO awesome, too. What do you think triggered it?
    I am in PT for my glute/high hamstring issues. I have not run all summer because it causes me pain. My SI joint does not move properly so they are addressing that along with trying to keep me in proper alignment. Hoping all the alignment and joint work will have the muscles that are not supposed to be taking all the effort quiet down and have the muscles that are supposed to be working, fire up!!

    • Scoliosis is triggering my problems. It is definitely similar to what you are experiencing in that some of my muscles are not working like they should because I have alignment issues but unfortunately the only thing that helps is yoga since surgery is not really an option and the yoga isn’t working as well as I’d like. (I probably need to do more actually.) I’m determined to find the solution though, seriously determined 🙂

      • I was starting to do more yoga, too because I am going on a yoga retreat in Mexico next February and I thought I better get myself into some better yoga shape. Anyway, I have already been told not to do any hamstring stretches (no forward folds unless I have bent knees) because even though they feel “tight” they are actually over stretched (due to my sway back). Also, last week she said my right hip was very externally rotated and then my sacrum goes along for the ride so I experience very bad achy/pain right down that right side sacrum (SI joint). She said NOT to do any hip openers (pigeon pose) which I had been doing a lot of. Needless to say I took some time away from yoga and am hoping to start back this weekend with gentle/restorative. When I go back to flow next week, I will have to seriously modify. I would also like to get back to some running (currently just walking, swimming, cycling + weights) but I refuse to run in pain. I guess at 42 the pain has worn me down and I just can’t even cope with it anymore!! Good luck and keep us posted (or email me if you want to chat more about it).

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