WTF Wednesday!

Yesterday and this morning I ran 5 miles. So far my total for the week is 16. I feel pretty good about that and my speed hasn’t been that bad either. I also ran without music this morning, not because I wanted to, but because I was listening to my slacker app and slacker decided to slack off and not work. Stupid app.

I'm a slacker and so is my app
I took the dogs out for their walk this morning and as usual we had to find a chain link fence so that Hank could poop through it. He’s such a weird little dog. After he poops through the fence he does this thing where he kicks out his hind legs and tries to bury the poop. He can kick dirt at least 8 – 10 feet back so I try not to stand behind him when he goes all ‘diggie smalls’ on me. Unfortunately, this morning, I was right behind him and he kicked the dirt up in my face. I have got to teach him a new trick, I’m thinking something like this:

awesome dog trickOh, dear God, she’s back. Joanna Rohrback, you little vixen. Joanna has been providing me with fabulous fodder for this blog since she released that first prancercise video and once again, she’s back.

Prancercise people!
Please enjoy this fabulous video and I hope you especially enjoy the scene where the horse takes a massive shit because who would bother to actually edit that out? It’s at about the 3:30 mark in case you were curious. God, I love this woman. Please never stop making videos Joanna, just please.


And don’t forget to visit my friend Smitha’s blog for some serious giveaways! She’s got 20 giveaways by several bloggers all on her blog. So since she’s already done the leg work all you have to do is go enter to win! Great idea, isn’t it?

Click on the image to visit Smitha's blog

Click on the image to visit Smitha’s blog

I wish I would have thought of it but I’ve been busy thinking up new dog tricks for Hank and watching prancercise videos.

And finally, RIP Robin Williams, I’d like to think you’re laughing with the angels now.


Do you find the prancercise lady as hilarious as I do?

Does your pet have a special trick that he or she does?

10 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday!

  1. I’m sitting here wondering how I will ever get those 4.5 minutes of my life back.
    Thank you for introducing her to my life. I will now share her with my family hahaha!

    Thanks for sharing the giveaway too!

  2. omg, omg and another omg! Thank you as well for introducing me to Joanna Horseback and her Official Prancercise video (cuz I’d hate to be prancersizing unofficially…!) Pairing her up with Robin Williams, bless his soul, is one of those ridiculous to the sublime kinds of things!! I need to ask, if I haven’t already, but do you retrieve Hank’s business from the other side of the chainlink fence when he’s done and, if so, do you walk around or scale it?? (the fence, I mean…)

    • Joanna Horseback, bwah ha ha ha, I love it! Now, on to the matter of Hank’s business, I am a responsible pet owner and when I can reach it, I do clean it up. Usually the fence that he prefers is quite low and it’s easy for me to go over it; but on occasion he goes to the high fence with mandevilla vines growing all over it and we are surprised by peacocks, (who thankfully take care of the ‘business’ for me!) Who knew that peacocks ate poop? Go figure 🙂

  3. My lab does the same thing after she does her business but she is usually not even close to covering things up. Like way off with her aim. When she does it in the winter, I get a face full of snow. Sigh….

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