Not that kind of squatter, the other kind!

So this morning I woke up very early and decided to head out before the sun came up. I wanted to get a good 5 miles in before it got blazing hot.

This morning was one of those runs where it just went really easy and I enjoyed the entire thing from start to end, it truly was epic.

Don’t you love it when you have days like that? When running feels so effortless and wonderful? And you just want to tell every other runner out there and you hope that they feel the same way and that they understand exactly what you mean…

Awesome You don’t? Oh well…

After I finished running I quickly showered and took the dogs for a walk. Somewhere between the shower and the back door, this occurred:


I am an accident waiting to happen….

How does that even happen? How could I possibly lose a little chunk of skin from my hand and not even feel it?

Anyway, with my run finished and the dogs walked I was ready to get on the computer and get some work done, but I had this gnawing feeling in my gut. I just felt compelled to get into the car and go to the Venice house and mow the grass.

im crazyYes, I do realize it sounds ridiculous but we haven’t mowed the lawn down there in 3 weeks and MacGyver’s brother and his family will be here this weekend for a 2 week vacation and I just really needed to make sure that the lawn was not out of control.

So I got in the car and I drove on down.

An hour later I arrived. I got the weed eater out of the car and proceeded to head out the back door to gas up the lawn mower. And that’s when I saw it.



Under the vacant boat awning in the back yard. A. TENT. As in someone is camping in the backyard of my vacation house….A TENT! I am not even kidding you right now!

I went back into the house and was just getting prepared to call MacGyver when someone knocked on the door. It was my neighbor’s son. He said that he had intended to call us but he knew we wouldn’t mind, so he camped in our backyard last night. He also asked that I not mention it to his parents because he would never hear the end of it.

Wait, what?There are so many things wrong with this scenario.

First, let me say that my neighbor’s son is in his late 30’s! He also had mounds of clothing and a bag full of trash right beside the tent, not exactly the bare necessities you might need, for say a night or two. He also seemed a bit off to me, not as in crazy but as in, chemically altered.

Anyway, the story he gave me didn’t really jive but I just wanted to get him out of my house, so I told him no worries and sent him on his way. About an hour or so after he left I spoke with another neighbor who told me that he’s been in my backyard all week!

I’m back home now. I haven’t told MacGyver yet, but I have a pretty good idea that he isn’t going to be all that pleased that we have ourselves a squatter. As for me, I think I’m still a little stunned by it and I am pretty sure that when we go back down to the house on Sunday, there will be a tent in the backyard and depending on what time we get there, it may or may not be occupied. This should be interesting.

What would you do if you found a squatter in your backyard?

10 thoughts on “Not that kind of squatter, the other kind!

  1. That is just too weird! It sounds like you did the right thing in not confronting the guy, and risking him doing something stupid.

    So… did you get the grass cut before you left? Or did you high tail it out of there? I think I would have taken off.

    • I had the dogs with me so I put them in the backyard with me and cut the grass pretty darn quick. I just couldn’t see driving an hour and not getting something done 🙂

  2. Wow that’s pretty crazy you had a gut feeling to go down there!
    Not sure what I’d do.. probably leave it up to my husband to handle. That’s a pretty tough spot to be in! I hope it all turns out ok!

    • I’m not sure what movie it’s from but it’s great!
      I was going to tell him to leave but since we aren’t going to be there I was afraid he might get pissed and come back and steal something. So far everything was there that I could see, kayaks, paddleboards, canoe, etc. I found out he got in from unscrewing the gate and even if I asked him to leave and screwed it back shut, he could still get in so I decided to let MacGyver handle it especially since I was alone. Keep your fingers crossed….

      • Oh man, I imagined it without fencing… so literally, the dude “went in your backyard”… like it’s fenced off and everything! If that’s the case, that kinda changes everything…trespassing is lame…

        • Yeah, he was totally trespassing. the strange thing is we are friends with his parents who are very nice and we’ve actually had him over many times too but he’s kind of gone down a bad road and the whole situation is really uncomfortable. 🙁

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