Four really hot miles

I ran this morning.

4 miles.

I won’t lie, I walked a large part of the 4th mile.

It wasn’t pretty.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to run in Florida in August?

This should give you a pretty good idea:

Running in fireIt’s miserable.

How is your weather today?

8 thoughts on “Four really hot miles

    • I feel your pain! It’s only 87 here but with humidity the feels like is 96 and rising. I hate humidity. I am crossing my fingers for both of us this weekend. Drink lots of water! 🙂

  1. Ugh, how you do it I will never know. I ran in FL once. It was February so not even that hot and it was early morning! I was SOAKED–like beyond soaked. Felt like I wet my pants. I made it 2.5 miles and thought I was going to DIE. The girl running next to me was not even breaking a sweat. CRAZY!!

    • I hate running here in August, it’s beyond uncomfortable but I just slow way down and take as many breaks as I need to…that, and I also pray for a cold front! 🙂

      • You can come to Colorado and run with me. Oh, wait, I am not running right now but I am walking!! It is just under 60 degrees each morning when I go out. PERFECT. But I will be a big baby in the winter when we get snow and cold. Just wait 🙂

          • AWESOME!! We don’t have humidity but we also don’t have a lot of oxygen!! We also have no water, but we have our beautiful mountains. I think you would love it.

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