Can sitting all day reverse your workout? Possibly…

This morning I ran 6 miles, the same amount I ran yesterday, except today I didn’t stop. I. Just. Kept. Going. And it felt pretty good, right after I was finished!

Tampa Bay WeatherThe peeps from the Rock and Roll series posted this infographic about Marathon Stats. I love it!

Marathon StatsSpeaking of marathons, I really need to ramp up my long runs. I haven’t run over 8 miles in a single run in months. I plan on getting serious about my training this month because I have a half marathon coming up in October and then several long races in the months thereafter.

I’ve had a hard time getting motivated to do a long run this summer and I’m not sure why. Yes, it’s hot, but no more than usual. I’m pretty sure my problem is motivation.

While looking for some inspiration or tips or tricks or whatever I could find to help me get through some long runs, I found this article from Runners World and I thought I’d share it with you.

How to enjoy long runsRemember when I wrote a post about what’s considered sedentary after I gained a little weight? Well since that time, I’ve been really intrigued by the effects of sedentary activity in otherwise active people.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘sitting is the new smoking’ but how much does it really affect your training efforts? Some recent studies show that for each hour you sit each day, you lose 8% of the benefits from an hour of running.

So, if you run for 1 hour in the morning and then sit for 9 hours during the day, you lose 72% of the benefits of that morning run!

You can read more about the studies in this article.

sitting negates your workout
What helps you get through your long runs?
Do you sit a lot during the day?
What’s your favorite post-race meal?

4 thoughts on “Can sitting all day reverse your workout? Possibly…

    • I hear you on the post race meals, Once after a half I ate a large pizza all by myself and then took a nap after which I ate the second large pizza! LOL I also sit on my tookus all day. It helps if I take a 15 minute break every few hours but dang, it takes far longer than that to go shopping walk a mile or two…. 😉

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