A shopping Coma….

What does a woman do the day before her birthday? Well, I don’t know about you but here’s what I do…I go shopping! Boom! New running clothes, new running shoes, new running gear, just all things running! A shopping coma! It’ll be spectacular…


And then I hit up the beach and maybe a sunset with some margarita’s.

Yes, friends, that is the Birthday Eve plan.

I may also spend some time on the boat but whatever we do, I’m sure I’ll be updating instagram and possibly facebook as much as I can and I’ll have a few posts this weekend as well. Be sure to check those out…

But in the meantime, I have a present for you!

Remember how I told you that Cozy Zuehlsdorff from the Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2 movies was extremely talented? Well, not only is she a wonderful actress but just like her costar Harry Connick, Jr. she is also a talented musician. In fact she wrote and performs one of the songs from Dolphin Tale 2! It’s called “Brave Souls”

And it’s really, really good!

And because I happen to be a Dolphin Tale 2 Blog Ambassador and because tomorrow is my birthday I’m going to share the song with you right here.


Stay tuned for updates on Dolphin Tale 2 and don’t forget the movie comes out September 12th!

Do you like to shop?

What’s the one thing you love to shop for?

4 thoughts on “A shopping Coma….

  1. Happy Birthday Eve! I like to shop online! Mostly like to shop before a trip (I have purpose in my purchases) and I like to shop workout gear and anything that will make my walking/running, swimming and cycling more enjoyable (or just make me look cool).

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