WTF Wednesday – I got pneumonia at the Dollar Tree

It’s Wednesday already? Jeez, time is flying by this week. Besides lots of running, a little strength training here and there, my regular work schedule, and hanging out with Mom, I have been busy! It makes me dizzy just to think about it. It’s amazing how many things there are to take care of around the house and with two houses, it gets a little overwhelming sometimes.

Last night, I was working on my landscaping, more specifically pulling out the weeds. Normally my lawn looks pretty decent but in the summer it grows like crazy and I have to weed it constantly, as in bi-weekly. It’s a royal pain in my ass and not because of the weeds but because of the mosquitos. We have a love-hate relationship, I hate them and they love me. I put on some repellant with 40% deet and I swear, you would have thought it was mosquito pheromone because they loved it. Those son-of-a-bitches bit me right through it!

Mosquito dick
It’s pretty insane when you have to make a choice between cancer and Chikengunya. Either one sucks but the mosquitos here are pretty bad all year, even in the winter. I kid you not, I almost contracted malaria putting up my Christmas lights this year! I think it’s safe to say I’ll continue to use the repellant even though it’s obvious it isn’t working.

Anyway, while I was contracting diseases from mosquitos, Mom said she would water the plants. Somehow between the water can on the table and the plants on the bakers rack, a distance of about 2 feet, she managed to get her foot wrapped around the chair, trip herself and fall into the plants. I am relieved to know where I get my clumsiness from and that I come by it naturally, but clearly I have to choose more carefully when doling out the chores to her because currently she looks like a victim of a terrible accident and I have to keep reassuring people that I did not beat up my Mother!

Going down yelling Timber

She’s going down, I’m yelling Timber!

We are still searching for the perfect sectional sofa but so far no luck. We’ve looked everywhere, furniture stores, discount stores, classified ads and even craigslist. Apparently I’m a little picky.

I am also a little irritated and I have a bone to pick with some of you people who advertise on craigslist. If you post an ad and you sell something, delete the damn ad. If you don’t delete the ad and I call you, don’t you get all pissy with me, it’s your fault you didn’t delete the ad! Oh, and also, for that dude who feels the need to post his ad 4 or 5 times, every single day, nobody wants your free dirt so you can go ahead and delete your ad too. It’s obviously not working.

Take your ad off craigslist
Also this week Mom and I stopped by the Dollar Tree for some cleaning supplies. I needed something with some serious power and I knew exactly what to get and where to get it, for cheap. Unfortunately we scoured the entire store and couldn’t find it anywhere so as we were checking out I asked the cashier, “excuse me could you tell me where to find the ammonia.” And she replied, “I know we have some pneumonia but I have no clue where it is.”

The dollar tree


Oh yes, she did.

I looked at Mom who was already about to bust out with a huge old gut wrenching laugh and I whispered under my breath, “Don’t you dare bust out laughing, she looks like she could kill us.” So Mom went running outside, as if that weren’t obvious, and she left me standing there to complete the transaction. The worst part was, I had to pay for everything! At least it was the dollar tree and not Macy’s but I’m pretty sure you can’t get pneumonia at Macy’s anyway.

WTF? Oh yeah, it’s Wednesday!

So, what’s the strangest thing that happened to you this week?
Are you clumsy?
What’s your biggest pet peeve about Craigslist?

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – I got pneumonia at the Dollar Tree

  1. Oh how I have missed your beautiful posts!

    Skeeters are sons-of-bitches! Glad to know I am not alone. I hit the trails a month back and had over 50 bites on my upper body alone. They LOVE me. I hadn’t worn repellant. One I have found that worked is Deep Woods Sportsman, but I have to reapply. They seem to be worse this year, but I am blaming my perimenopausal hot flashes.

    Sorry to hear about your mom’s fall. Loved the pic. I slip on my hardwoods because of our pig-pen dog. Yes, I vacuum! It’s just that I have to do it every other day or there is a lovely coating of hair.

    Pneumonia cracked me up. I have one better. Someone I worked with said pneumonia without keeping the “p” silent. Embarrassed to say this, but I would snort laugh.

    Strangest thing this week. Technically it wasn’t within this week, but within the last seven days. I have been shit on by birds three times! Twice in my backyard and once on a run. I want to pull a Peter Griffith from Family Guy and climb the tree and dive bomb ’em. This is not the first time either. Once at a Vince Gill concert I had just bought a beer and was standing with my arm stretched out across a wall. Ready to take a drink from the plastic cup when I feel what I thought were raindrops on my arm. I look over and see the entire top of my beer is coated with bird poop:) Nice!

    Clutzy? Yes! As you may recall I inserted a compact into my eye and had to wear an eye patch for two weeks. Just this past weekend I did my first zombie mud run and fell more times than I care to admit. For some reason whenever I felt like I could make a break past the zombies on the trail, I would start running like Phoebe from Friends and trip. Let’s be clear, I am NOT surviving a zombie apocalypse. Thought I would be more like the Michonne on the Walking Dead, but sadly this was only a dream.

    Thanks for the giggles!

    • No, thank you for the giggles, LOL and the Michone reference, you know I love me some walking dead. Oh, and I will never think about Vince Gill the same way again 😉

  2. Haha! That’s great..
    I don’t usually search for things on craigslist because my husband is a craigslist king! Boy does he have a pet peeve or two!
    Like people who insist you hold an item for them, only to either not show up or bring a lower amount of cash to try to low ball you.

    • Those people are the worst! My hubs is also a craigslist king and I have no idea how he finds the deals that he does. I seriously do not have the patience and I think I would wind up in jail, LOL

  3. Strangest thing?! I got attacked by hummingbirds while grilling! I don’t know what was up with that.

    Normally I’m not clumsy, but I’ve taken my share of spills on the trails.

    I hate when they post something without pics. Drives me insane!

    • Hummingbirds? Sweet little hummingbirds? WTF? That’s cray! And I agree, no pics is the absolute worst but what I’ve found over time is that if there are no pics, there’s a reason and it ain’t good…LOL

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