We’re off to a great start and a Very, Special Birthday

Hey y’all!
I trust you had a fabulous Fourth of July, we did.
Ice Stars
Those would be my ice stars, cool aren’t they? I actually almost forgot I had them.
Yesterday morning we started the day very early with some fishing and if you haven’t tried it yet, Yoplait has a new flavor for the summer, WATERMELON. It was pretty awesome.
watermelon yogurt
We spent several hours on the boat in the morning fishing.
I think I was delirious afterwards because I came home and got ready for the night parade and fireworks on the boat and I went a little crazy with the selfies and the dog pics…
before and after
Mommy and Hank
Guilty dogs
Yeah, so I did say I got a little crazy. Anyway, if you have never seen fireworks from the middle of the Gulf of Mexico while laying on the boat, you really should. It was AH-Mazing. There is no way I could have captured it all on my phone camera but I did get several pics for you….you know cause I was camera crazy yesterday and all….
fireworks 1Fireworks 2
fireworks 3
fireworks 4
fireworks 5
And one last thing but it’s the most important thing of the day…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAIMIE! I hope you have the most awesome, spectacular, Monster High filled, My Little Pony filled, completely normal, fun and wonderful birthday because you deserve it.
Today is Jaimie’s 8th birthday. If you haven’t read about Jaimie, you can do so here.
I’ll be running for #TeamJaimie this morning. So, I better get out there and get going.

What are you doing today?

10 thoughts on “We’re off to a great start and a Very, Special Birthday

  1. Aw happy birthday Jaimie!!
    Today is a “free fishing day” here in Ca.. so I might try to convince my dad to take the kids and I.
    If anything we’ll just hang out and be lazy since we were all up so late last night.
    Looks like you had a great 4th! Ours was pretty sweet too!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • Oh, I hope you can go fishing! It’s one of the things I love probably because I did it so much when I was a kid 😉 Have fun and glad you had a great Fourth!

  2. Yes, I did have a wonderful 4th july, as did you I see 🙂 I am not sure how I feel about the watermelon yogurt though….I am not a big fan of watermelon flavored things, but I think we can still be friends right? 🙂 Happy Birthday to Jamie!

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