The 3 types of drivers that want to kill me….

Have you ever noticed how the drivers who almost hit us runners on a regular basis could all be roped into a few categories? No? just me? Oh well, maybe I should find a safer place to run but after my usual near miss this morning, (this one was the clueless unapologetic type), I decided to go ahead and jot down the categories and see if y’all have similar experiences.

Here are the categories of the drivers who try to kill me, and on the reg, I might add.

Angry Driver

The Angry Driver

The angry driver is the one who sees you well in advance and knows that you’ll be approaching the same spot at just about the same time he does. He isn’t about to give in to you, you selfish runner. He owns the road. He’s in a machine and if you don’t get out of his way, he will run you over. He speeds up and then he barrels past you and he gives you a snarl. He wins. Hooray for the big guy in the Chrysler who just lapped you with his awesome metal enclosure. He’s the man. He’s proud of himself. He just beat….a runner. Go angry driver, go!

Clueless Driver

The Clueless Apologetic Driver

The clueless apologetic driver is the one who isn’t really paying attention to the road when suddenly, screeeeeeeeeeeeeeech! They see you and they slam on the brakes. It takes the driver a minute to realize that you’re okay and then the driver looks at you and mouths, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. You wave back or mouth, it’s okay, and then you run on. I feel sorry for the clueless apologetic driver because you know that near miss is going to be on their mind all day, and they will feel awful about the fact that they almost killed you. But the good part is, you just taught them a lesson. From now on, clueless apologetic driver will be more careful and will be sure to keep both eyes on the road. At least for a little while…until the next time….screeeeeeeeeeeeeeech!

Clueless driver

The Clueless Unapologetic Driver

In my opinion, this is the worst kind of driver out there. This is the guy or girl who doesn’t see you at all, almost kills you, pauses for a moment and then gets angry….AT YOU! This is the kind of driver that almost hit me this morning. She didn’t look like this lady but if she had a dog, it would have looked the same…

Even the dog is scared!

I was running along the sidewalk in my neighborhood. I could have run on the road but that particular road is fairly busy so I hopped on the sidewalk. Mindful of the homes and the cars in driveway I slowed down and when I saw a girl pulling out of her driveway, I slowed to almost a walk. She backed out at breakneck speed turned to look in my direction and slammed on her brakes. At first she was stunned and then she waved her hands in the air all frantic like, rolled down the windows and then yelled at me for not paying attention.

Normally, I would have just rolled my eyes and run on but this morning I did the opposite, I stopped and walked right up to her car and then I said,

“I’m sorry that you almost hit me because YOU weren’t paying attention. Maybe you didn’t realize that I saw you several minutes BEFORE you ever slammed on your brakes. There was no way on God’s green Earth that you would have hit ME because I, thank God, was paying attention. Now, get your head out of your ass and learn how to drive because when you do actually hit someone, you won’t be able to yell at their dead or dying body and I don’t think the police department will take kindly to you yelling at them either. Have a fabulous freakin day!”

And it felt really, really good.

Dancing Drivers

So what kind of drivers have you encountered and could they fit into these categories?

12 thoughts on “The 3 types of drivers that want to kill me….

  1. I’m so glad you said something to that girl! Stupid….. I’ll keep it clean.
    One man in my neighborhood couldn’t wait for me to pass his yard before parking in his grass. He had to drive for a bit on the wrong side of the road to get in my way. Jerk.

    • I hate people like that, so rude. When I yelled at that stupid girl today it was like a release of years of running and bad drivers and it felt soooooooo good 🙂

  2. I love how you ended this post!
    Ah the different types of drivers… we have the type that like, actually LIKE to scare runners and cyclists! They drive up and honk or yell right before passing you. My husband and I have had this happen a few times. And the look on their faces are usually as if they hate you and they were really hoping to see you fall! One guy was running on a country road and was purposely hit by someone driving a van! The runner ended up with some broken ribs and other injuries..thankfully he wasn’t killed!
    People never cease to amaze me…

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