That one time MacGyver didn’t listen….oh wait, did I say one time? Bwahaha

I cannot believe its Monday already and I haven’t updated since Thursday! Did you miss me?

The reason I’ve been MIA is because my Mom came to town on Thursday evening. She’ll be with us for a few weeks before she heads back home to Tennessee and then the day after she gets home, she heads off to St. Simons Island, GA with my brother. She is so spoiled!

Just kidding Mom, I only think that way when you get to go on vacations and I don't!

Just kidding Mom, I only think that way when you get to go on vacations and I don’t!

Don’t think I’ve gotten lax in my training because I haven’t. I’ve been running like a fool any chance I get. If you followed me on Instagram, like all the cool kids are doing, then you’d know I’ve had some pretty decent runs for this hot and humid hell that we call summer down here in Florida. Additionally, I have some pretty cool stuff to share with you about something awesome I’ve been using so stay tuned this week….

running funnyOn Friday evening, my sister and her family will be here, so we’ll be heading back down to Venice. My sister and her husband, her oldest son and his wife, and their three kids are all coming. We’re going to be doing some serious fishing, biking, running, beaching and drum circling! We’ve been planning this for an entire year since my sister was here last year but apparently MacGyver wasn’t listening.

Men don't listenThis weekend MacGyver, my Mom, and I sat down to discuss where to put everybody since we only have 3 bedrooms and the Cabana is not finished, (that’s another story all together which I’ll save for a ‘my husband is a hoarding, procrastinating, little shit’ kind of post). Anyway, it was an interesting conversation and it went like this:

Me: We’re going to need to buy a new sofa. I think a sectional.
Mom: You mean one with a sleeper sofa.
Me: Yes, that way we will have another full bed for one or two people.
MacGyver: How many people are coming?
Me: We’ll have 10 people in the house.
MacGyver: TEN?
Me: And there will be 5, possibly 6 dogs.
MacGyver: The dogs need their own rooms too?

Dogs on SofaMe: No silly, I’m just telling you how many beings there will be in the house, if dogs are beings.
MacGyver: Let’s get back to the beings, just the human kind. Who exactly is included in this number 10?
Me: Well, I’m including you and me, Mom, my sister and her husband, my nephew and his wife, and their three kids.

People in small spacesMacGyver: Well that’s not 10.
Me: Yes it is. Me and you, Mom, my sister, her husband, my nephew, his wife and the three kids, see ten!
MacGyver: No, really it’s 8 and a half. Kids are not full-sized so they only count as half. Besides little kids can sleep in a chair, in a basket, on top of the washer or on a boat cushion. We got that covered.

sleeping in a shoe

I certainly hope those are new shoes or at least not MacGyver’s!

Me: Well, we still need places for everyone to sleep. We can put my nephew, his wife and the kids in the big bedroom, my sister and her husband in the cottage room and then if we sleep in the nautical room, Mom will need a place to sleep. Or, we could put Mom in the nautical room but then we would need a place to sleep. Since the cabana isn’t finished we are going to need a new sleeper sofa, preferably a sectional so we also have extra seating.
Mom: I definitely think we need a sectional. We need extra sleeping room and extra sitting room.
MacGyver: Why don’t you sleep in the nautical room with your mom and I’ll sleep on the couch we already have, or you and I can sleep in the nautical room and your mom can sleep on the couch.
Me: The couch we already have is uncomfortable and hurts mom’s back. And frankly, she snores and you smell like fish so I don’t know if I want to sleep with either of you.
MacGyver: Fine, you sleep on the couch, and I’ll sleep with your mom.

And then we all laughed uproariously and MacGyver headed off to go fishing. He really thinks he has the perfect diversion tactic in making me laugh. I’ll just let him think that because Mom and I are going to buy a new sofa, a sectional no doubt.

shopping shopping
Hope you have a fantastic Monday.

Do you like it when family comes to visit you?You already know that I do, I love it!
Where does your family stay when they come to visit? I always insist they stay with me!

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