That one time MacGyver didn’t listen….oh wait, did I say one time? Bwahaha

I cannot believe its Monday already and I haven’t updated since Thursday! Did you miss me?

The reason I’ve been MIA is because my Mom came to town on Thursday evening. She’ll be with us for a few weeks before she heads back home to Tennessee and then the day after she gets home, she heads off to St. Simons Island, GA with my brother. She is so spoiled!

Just kidding Mom, I only think that way when you get to go on vacations and I don't!

Just kidding Mom, I only think that way when you get to go on vacations and I don’t!

Don’t think I’ve gotten lax in my training because I haven’t. I’ve been running like a fool any chance I get. If you followed me on Instagram, like all the cool kids are doing, then you’d know I’ve had some pretty decent runs for this hot and humid hell that we call summer down here in Florida. Additionally, I have some pretty cool stuff to share with you about something awesome I’ve been using so stay tuned this week….

running funnyOn Friday evening, my sister and her family will be here, so we’ll be heading back down to Venice. My sister and her husband, her oldest son and his wife, and their three kids are all coming. We’re going to be doing some serious fishing, biking, running, beaching and drum circling! We’ve been planning this for an entire year since my sister was here last year but apparently MacGyver wasn’t listening.

Men don't listenThis weekend MacGyver, my Mom, and I sat down to discuss where to put everybody since we only have 3 bedrooms and the Cabana is not finished, (that’s another story all together which I’ll save for a ‘my husband is a hoarding, procrastinating, little shit’ kind of post). Anyway, it was an interesting conversation and it went like this:

Me: We’re going to need to buy a new sofa. I think a sectional.
Mom: You mean one with a sleeper sofa.
Me: Yes, that way we will have another full bed for one or two people.
MacGyver: How many people are coming?
Me: We’ll have 10 people in the house.
MacGyver: TEN?
Me: And there will be 5, possibly 6 dogs.
MacGyver: The dogs need their own rooms too?

Dogs on SofaMe: No silly, I’m just telling you how many beings there will be in the house, if dogs are beings.
MacGyver: Let’s get back to the beings, just the human kind. Who exactly is included in this number 10?
Me: Well, I’m including you and me, Mom, my sister and her husband, my nephew and his wife, and their three kids.

People in small spacesMacGyver: Well that’s not 10.
Me: Yes it is. Me and you, Mom, my sister, her husband, my nephew, his wife and the three kids, see ten!
MacGyver: No, really it’s 8 and a half. Kids are not full-sized so they only count as half. Besides little kids can sleep in a chair, in a basket, on top of the washer or on a boat cushion. We got that covered.

sleeping in a shoe

I certainly hope those are new shoes or at least not MacGyver’s!

Me: Well, we still need places for everyone to sleep. We can put my nephew, his wife and the kids in the big bedroom, my sister and her husband in the cottage room and then if we sleep in the nautical room, Mom will need a place to sleep. Or, we could put Mom in the nautical room but then we would need a place to sleep. Since the cabana isn’t finished we are going to need a new sleeper sofa, preferably a sectional so we also have extra seating.
Mom: I definitely think we need a sectional. We need extra sleeping room and extra sitting room.
MacGyver: Why don’t you sleep in the nautical room with your mom and I’ll sleep on the couch we already have, or you and I can sleep in the nautical room and your mom can sleep on the couch.
Me: The couch we already have is uncomfortable and hurts mom’s back. And frankly, she snores and you smell like fish so I don’t know if I want to sleep with either of you.
MacGyver: Fine, you sleep on the couch, and I’ll sleep with your mom.

And then we all laughed uproariously and MacGyver headed off to go fishing. He really thinks he has the perfect diversion tactic in making me laugh. I’ll just let him think that because Mom and I are going to buy a new sofa, a sectional no doubt.

shopping shopping
Hope you have a fantastic Monday.

Do you like it when family comes to visit you?You already know that I do, I love it!
Where does your family stay when they come to visit? I always insist they stay with me!

Running shoes, clothing and gear, all at a discount!

Let’s be real for a minute, okay? Unless you happen to be a brand ambassador and receive a ton of free products, happen to be a billionaire or are married to one, you probably don’t run out and buy every single new gadget, pair of running shoes, or pair of compression socks that hit the market. Do You?

I don’t.

Expensive running shoes

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve got over 20 pairs of Pro Compression socks, I own a Garmin 405 AND a 620 and there are over 50 pairs of running shoes in my closet of which 10 pairs are back-ups. That being said, other than a single pair of running shoes, I don’t really need any of those things. Running doesn’t really need to cost a lot of money and while it’s true that some of us, me included, want the latest and greatest things on the market, there is a way to get great stuff at a discount.

In case you don’t know me or you’re new here, let me just fill you in, I’m old and I’m cheap. That’s really all you need to know but what that equates to is that I need products that work for me and keep me healthy and I don’t want to shell out a ridiculous amount of money for them. I also don’t scrimp on medical care. Damn it if your injured, don’t borrow a knee brace, see a good doctor! For clothing, watches, apps, socks, hydration and everything in between, use what works for you, and that doesn’t have to be a top brand or the most expensive.

mom and dog, same shoes

Don’t get me wrong, there are areas where you need to be picky, like shoes. I would never recommend just purchasing any old pair of running shoes. I recommend you go to a running store and get fitted for a pair of running shoes that are right for you. Not only can the running store help you find the right shoes but most of them allow you to return them, even after several miles, if they don’t work for you. Of course once you find out what shoes work for you, you can always get additional pairs at a lower price.

How? Well, first, the shoe company is going to come out with another model and you don’t have to upgrade. I wear Brooks PureFlow 2’s and they work perfectly for me so I see no reason to upgrade to the 3’s just yet. Add to that the fact that the new model may have changed and may not work for me and I definitely do not want to upgrade yet. But the best part about wearing the 2’s is that once the 3’s come out, the 2’s go on sale! I found additional pairs at for around 60 bucks and about two months ago, I found them at for 40 bucks, hence the 10 back-up pairs! I’ve got enough shoes to last me for the next year at least and I see no reason to switch shoes when clearly the ones I’m wearing are working for me.

dog in running shoes

I don’t need to upgrade, these shoes are working fine!

For clothing, I am lucky enough to live in Florida which means I don’t really need a lot of cold weather running clothes and the most important thing I look for when I purchase anything is: Will it keep me cool and wick the sweat away? You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothing. I shop at Dicks when I have coupons or they have really good sales but I also shop at Marshall’s and I find all kinds of stuff there. My main go to source for running clothes however, is They have tons of stuff and free shipping and the prices are unbeatable. And here’s a tip for you, if you find a pair of shorts or a shirt that you like at Marshall’s, often times, they only have one or it’s only available in one color so you can go to and look for the same item and usually find it for around the same price but in multiple colors and sizes. I bought a new balance tank at Marhsall’s that I am in love with but they only had it in mint green, had it in 5 additional colors and I got them for under 10 bucks each which was less than I paid at Marshall’s.

I also love the pureproject shorts from Brooks but I refuse to pay 75 bucks for shorts. I got mine from Dicks for $55.99 and with a coupon I found on-line for $10 off of $50, I got them for $45.99 plus tax. Not bad. I also bought two more pairs from for $52.99. I also buy my Nike Tempo and Hero Mesh shorts from and they are always under 15 bucks.

Marshall’s and are also great sources for hydration belts and vests. I’ve purchased nathan hydration belts at both places at huge discounts as well as at Amazon. I have a pretty expensive hydration vest that used to be MacGyver’s but it isn’t my favorite thing to carry and it’s bulky. My favorite hydration vest is and off brand I purchased at Aldi for under 15 bucks! Aldi is also another good source although they don’t always carry the things you need. Before I got my Garmin 620, I got a heart rate monitor from Aldi for 30 bucks and it still works great.

It’s no secret that I love Pro Compression socks and I have a ton of them but I always buy them when they have 40% off sales. That way I can get two pairs for only slightly more than the cost of one. I also like the fact that they’re well made and will last a very long time. You can also google Pro Compression sock sale and I can almost guarantee you that someone will have a discount code for you.

So, from time to time, I like to post links when I find good products on sale for a great price. I love a bargain and I think most other people do too and I like to share. Next week, I’m going to tell you how to save money on race registrations and how to choose the best ones.

funny race sign

Do you like hearing about discounts on running gear?

Do you think I should dedicate a page for coupons and discounts that I find on running gear?

Do you have any suggestions to share on where to get running gear at a discount?

Chrissy Teigen is fat. WTF Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday from Venice! Random? Well, welcome aboard the Random Train, because this is how we roll around here!

Moving Train

MacGyver and I shot down here last night around 9pm with the two babies dogs in tow. I got up this morning and ran 6 miles on the Legacy Trail. It was a really good run. I finished with an average pace of around 9:35. Not bad considering it’s hot, humid and it was pouring rain for the last mile. Actually, the rain was nice, it was a welcome relief from the heat.

Running in the Rain

Today was the first time, in a couple of months at least, that I actually saw a gator while running. Thankfully I didn’t see him until I was almost past him or I would’ve freaked out because he was only about 2 feet away from me. He was running alongside the trail but in the opposite direction. He was about 5 feet long and just in case you didn’t know it, gators actually move quite fast! They do! They’re quite the sportsmen.

sporty gator

Since we’re on the random train already, have you heard about the pet store owner that is eating pet food for a month to raise awareness about what’s in pet food? I give her credit for taking action but I’m not so sure that’s the action I would have taken. MacGyver and I have both tasted our dog’s food, you know, strictly for scientific purposes and not because we’re idiots or anything, and it isn’t all that appealing. I can’t imagine doing that for 30 days!

Eating Dog Food

If I had to eat something for 30 days to make a statement or bring awareness to something, I think I’d rather do something like Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Supersize Me’ but instead of McDonalds I’d eat Chick-Fil-A for 30 days. Yeah, I’d jump on that one.

And one last thing I just have to mention. Did you know that Chrissy Teigen is fat? Well, according to Forever 21 she is.

As the beautiful wife of John Legend recalls in this interview with DuJour Magazine, when she was younger she was booked directly for a shoot with Forever 21. She showed up on the set and they asked her if they could take a photo which they sent to her agency who then called her as she is sitting in the makeup chair, and Teigen says they told her , ‘You need to leave right now, they just said you are fat and you need to come get your measurements taken’.

Teigen revealed that she was fired from the job at Forever 21 and goes on to say, “And I hate you, Forever 21. I hate you so much. Honestly you are the worst.”

I’ve read some comments where some people have said that she needs to get over it because this happened some time ago and then I’ve read a lot of supportive comments from people who are now refusing to shop at Forever 21. I think Chrissy Teigen is absolutely beautiful and if she’s fat, well, I’m a hippo, but in my opinion the modeling industry is pretty flawed as a whole and maybe that’s not why I’m surprised, but shame on you Forever 21, shame on you!

What do you think? Do you think Forever 21 was wrong or is this just how the industry works?

Would you eat pet food or anything else just to make a statement?