Kayaks, The Mothership and Iced Coffee.

I ran 5 miles this morning y’all, and it felt pretty good. My pace for the four miles I ran on Monday was better but I was happy just to keep it under 10 minutes per mile today in this unbearable heat. Oh, and the fact that I finished before the downpour, there’s that too.

But don’t worry, I didn’t get off that easy. I came home and took the dogs for a walk and in the last block it started to pour. Boomer was happy to walk home in it without missing a beat because that’s just how he is. Unfortunately Hank is above rain and storms and he immediately stopped and would not move, so I had to carry his privileged butt home. Good times.

Yesterday my niece and two of her friends came to town for a little vacay before they start school in the fall. They’re all big college girls now!

The girlsThey’re staying on the beach but they couldn’t check into the hotel until 3pm and since they arrived yesterday morning they came to hang out with me.

We spent a little time in the pond testing out the paddle boat and MacGyver’s new fishing kayak but it was really hot and they were tired so I did the only thing I could do…..I took them to my Mothership the Mall.

The mall wasn’t too busy but it’s not a lot of fun when you’re trying not to spend money. Thankfully the food court is always a source of free food in the way of samples and that’s where I discovered my newest true love…

Chic Fil A iced coffeeYes kids, that IS Iced Coffee, the latest offering from the wonderful Chick-Fil-A! And it was spectacular. Honestly, it was. I offered some to my niece but she doesn’t drink coffee, iced or not. I informed her that it would all change once she starts school in the fall because college is where you learn to drink coffee, (and hopefully that’s the only thing.)

As we neared the end of the food court, I heard the voice of a little kid probably under six years old, “Hey, you should try the iced coffee, did you try the iced coffee? Are we going to the Disney Store? Do they let you drink in there? What store are we going to? This is really good iced coffee. Hey, did you try it? The iced coffee? I said, did you try it? What store are we going to again? Have we been to this mall before? Did you get some iced Coffee? Can I have yours?” The entire conversation, which he had all by himself by the way, lasted about two seconds.

Kids and coffeeSeriously, who gives a sample cup of iced coffee to a child under six?

As we passed them, I overheard the Mother say, “What’s wrong with him?” I wanted so badly to answer that one but it would have been a little too easy to give her a piece of my mind and it wasn’t the right time or place. I hope she figured it out….

I better get going. I have a ton of stuff to do today and lots of things are happening around here in the next few weeks. It’s about to get busy, busy, busy..stay tuned.

Do you drink coffee?

Do you think children should drink coffee?



8 thoughts on “Kayaks, The Mothership and Iced Coffee.

  1. Mmm iced coffee..

    What’s up with kids and coffee?? My kids are always asking for the last sip in my cup in the morning.. but then again I did the same thing. πŸ™‚

    I hate seeing small kids drinking full sugar and caffeine soda! While I was at the ER about a month ago I watched a kid about 7 yrs old drink TWO cans of mountain dew then cry and scream when his sister wanted some of his chips… it was quite sad.

  2. I have become a part of the coffee club. I am not totally proud of it…just kidding! I don’t think kids (as young as that six year old) should be drinking it; however, once they’re in their early to mid-teens then I think it’s okay.

  3. Coffee is non negotiable for me. Drink it every day without fail and I love it! I have given up so much other stuff but will never give up coffee (or bacon).

    I should probably not answer about kids since I don’t have kids but I don’t follow rules so my answer on that would be “no”. It is like when you see those parents put Coke in the baby bottle. UGH. Seriously!?!

    • LOL, I was going to write about the coke in the baby bottle as well! That kind of shit makes me ragey! That being said, if I had to live without coffee there would be wars and people would die. It is unimaginable πŸ˜‰

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