Just a quarter mile from Cuba…

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

We’re still in Venice. I’m not sure when we’re leaving but since MacGyver’s business is slower in the Summer months, he can take some time off; which makes me very happy. I can work from anywhere, or not work from anywhere, depends on your perspective, I suppose, the point is, I’m mobile. Anyway we’re still in Venice!

When I last updated I was about to head out on the Legacy Trail for a Saturday run. I ran 7 miles that morning and on Sunday I ran 8. I’m not pushing myself too hard right now but both days were pretty nice. Hot, but nice. This is the part of the trail that runs over the water by my house. It’s just torture to have to run over it and look at the manatee’s in the morning….

Legacy Trail Bridge

Not a bad view to run over, huh?

On Saturday I opted not to go out on the boat because I was afraid I might get seasick if MacGyver went offshore. Instead I stayed home and did a little yard work and then I did a helluva lot of little shopping. Of course by Sunday, I was itching for some fishing, ha, so I decided to take my chances and go for it.

Our friend Danny got into town from California on Saturday so we invited him along as well.
DannyDanny’s parents used to be our neighbor’s down here and he’s become a part of our family, so we were pretty excited to see him. It doesn’t hurt that he loves to fish almost as much as MacGyver does so he gives me a much-needed break by going out on the boat with MacGyver when I don’t want to. But on Sunday, I decided to go too.

In PRO Compression of course. What else would you wear out on the boat?

We started off inshore and let the dogs swim. They had a pretty good time but we were having no luck with the fishing so we decided to head offshore.
Hank swimming
Hank and boomer on boat

We went out pretty far, so far in fact, that you couldn’t really see the shore. I believe we were about a quarter of a mile from Cuba, and it was pretty rough out there, but I didn’t get seasick. Off in the distance I could make out a faint shoreline and I was looking forward to kissing the sand in Cuba and having a drink, or 4, at one of the oceanfront bars, and possibly a Cuban cigar. You only live once, right? I was having visions of a Hemingway type of adventure, this was going to be fun. An epic adventure was awaiting me.

Hank deep sea fishing

Mommy, where’s the shore? I can’t see land. All I see are schools of Tuna!

Then MacGyver pointed out that we were actually only 2 miles from shore and the shoreline I was looking at was actually Venice Beach which we had left just 25 minutes earlier, but personally, I prefer my version. It sounds way cooler.
Deep Sea Fishing Venice Florida

I did manage to catch a red grouper, unfortunately he wasn’t a keeper….
Red Grouper

We were out on the water until 6pm so by the time we got home we were all pretty fried. MacGyver grilled some fish, we ate dinner and then proceeded to fall asleep before 8pm. Yeah, we party. The only thing that would have made this weekend better is if the Kid could have come along…I will make that happen next time.

Now the sun is coming up and a new week has begun. Time for me to go for a run and get this day started off, the right way. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you ever been to Cuba?

How was your weekend?

Tell me something random you did this weekend.

8 thoughts on “Just a quarter mile from Cuba…

  1. Thats AWESOME! SO jealous! Have never been, would love to go though. I love that you guys can slow down a little and enjoy it for a few days! Something random from my weekend? When it was storming last night I got up and sat outside on the deck to listen and watch it ๐Ÿ™‚

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