Car accidents, bunnies and fails!

Hey, hey, hey, how’s it going?

I’m actually working on the new computer, crazy right? I’m liking it so far but there is a bit of a learning curve, that’s all I’m saying about that.

This weekend was crazy y’all. I meant to update but I decided to just unplug and get some stuff done around here instead and that’s what I did. I ran Saturday and Sunday but if I was hoping for any kind of long run both of those days were fails!

running with my hydration

Got my hydration, I’m ready to go!

So, I got up early and got ready to run on both days. I made sure to bring water and dressed appropriately for the ridiculously hot days, took some great tunes along and I was good to go. On Saturday at the 4.3 mile mark, I was running over the bridge that spans over a very large street when BAM, this happened:

car accident

Beds of trucks are not normally vertical!

As luck would have it there was a policeman right behind the truck when this happened so emergency vehicles responded very quickly. It was a pretty bad accident and there were lots of cars involved. After standing around and watching and talking with other bystanders, I didn’t feel like running anymore so I didn’t.

I went out Sunday with the same good intentions but I kept seeing these guys:

Peter Cottontail Number 1

Peter Cottontail Number 1

Peter Cottontail number 2!

Peter Cottontail number 2!

After the sixth one, yes that’s right, the SIXTH, I called it a day and that was okay because I had tons of housecleaning and lawn work to do.

If you’ve ever doubted that lawn work is hard work, I can barely walk today because I pushed around so many wheelbarrows full of bricks! I am in pain kids, seriously! And if lawn work wasn’t enough, I cleaned my carpets plus the entire house. I asked MacGyver to help out by cleaning off his desk.

He moved the papers to a bin which he piled on another table that I had just cleaned and then he moved the paper tray to the coffee table. He wiped off only the left corner of the desk with his sock. I’m beside myself, really.

men cleaningWhat did you do this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Car accidents, bunnies and fails!

  1. Do you like your hydration belt? Does it slosh when you run? Is it heavy? Have often considered buying one, I live in a hot climate also (Birmingham, AL), usually stash water bottles or have my husband bring me water while I’m running.

    • I have a nathan hydration belt as well as a few hydration vests. I love the vests only if the run is longer than 15 miles but for anything under that, I always have my belt on, (even for 3 milers here in Florida). It doesn’t slosh around and after 4+ years the velcro still keeps it snug. Theres a pocket in the front big enough for my phone and id and some extra money and a small pocket in the back which I use for a key but it’s not bulky at all. I bought mine from Amazon, but here’s a tip *Marshall’s, for real. Best price ever! I found my second one at Marshalls for 24 bucks! And it has 4 bottles but I usually only use 2. Let me know how you like it if you get one but I highly recommend it.

  2. Haha! You nailed it with that last pic!
    Men “clean” so weird!!
    I hate making my husband to help me fold clothes! I end up re folding whatever he touched.. that’s why I just do the house work alone..only have to do it once.

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