The magic pill…complete with side effects.

This morning was not too hot but it felt crazy humid for some reason. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. No matter, I still got out there and plowed out a little over 3 miles which felt really good….after it was over. Some days are better than others and that’s all I have to say about that.

Remember how yesterday I mentioned that I forgot to pick up the flea medicine and the dogs had gotten fleas? Yeah, well, that’s what happened. Just so that you fully understand the severity of this situation, I should mention that both of my dogs have flea allergy dermatitis which means that even one flea can cause major problems. Not only do we have to keep our dogs free of fleas but also the yard. And frontline does not work for either of my dogs because either they are immune to it or we have some strain of mutant flea down here in Florida. So anyway, being the forgetful awesome dog owner that I am I ran out yesterday afternoon and picked up a six month supply of the flea pills because Lord knows, I’ll forget again.

About a thousand dollars later, (not really but close), I headed home with those little pills that magically make those fleas disappear. No really, they do. They take those suckers out faster than Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega. It’s serious business. They should really call those pills ‘flea assassins’. I think I’ll write them a letter about it.

Flea AssassinsBut I digress…The point is, I got the dogs their medicine and then I had to give it to them and that is when the fun began.

The best way to give the dogs the pills is with food because the number one side effect is vomiting and at almost 20 bucks a pill that’s some expensive dog puke. So, I fed the dogs some of their regular food and then I slipped the pills into some delicious cream cheese. Boomer swallowed his immediately, didn’t even chew, he just swallowed it whole. Hank however gave me the side eye and sort of licked around the pill, then he put it in his mouth ever so gently at which point he spit it out with the force of a slingshot and it hit the wall and then bounced back across the floor. Fail. That dog is a picky eating, pill detecting machine!

picky eating dog

It took three more tries but eventually I got Hank to eat the pill….at which point Boomer vomited.

You know where this is going right?

So as I’m preparing to deal with Boomer’s vomit, Hank vomits, and not just the pill but everything they just ate and it came spewing out like a volcano. And I’ll give you one guess at what happened next…… In the entire history of both of their privileged little lives, yesterday was the only time EVER they didn’t eat their own vomit. The. Only. Time. Great, just great.

dog vomit

I didn’t want to give them another pill and not just because they’re 20 bucks a pop but because I was afraid they might have already ingested some of the first one and giving them another one would cause an overdose. So I did the only thing I could do. I dug through the vomit.

It wasn’t pretty and I may have thrown up a little myself but just as I suspected there were two undigested twenty-dollar freakin pills smack in the middle of each pile! So I spent the next 10 minutes wiping off the dog vomit and once again coating the pills with cream cheese, then bologna, then yogurt and finally some pepperoni which seemed to do the trick because they both ate them.

Picky dog eater


And then Hank vomited again….and yet again.

Finally after the 3rd time, he seemed to keep the pill down, but only as long as I laid on the sofa with him keeping him very still and didn’t let him run around. Boomer climbed up too and laid down at my feet and we laid there until we all fell asleep. And then MacGyver came home.

Of course I was still asleep on the sofa with the dogs which is pretty much what he thinks I do all day anyway, (and some days it is) but thankfully both dogs were able to keep down those pills.

This morning we are flea less and it’s beautiful. However, both dogs need baths and I have a floor to mop and a carpet to clean.

Is your pet a picky eater?

Can they tell when you hide a pill in their food?

12 thoughts on “The magic pill…complete with side effects.

  1. We here at Flea Assassin, a small Florida start up have something that some of you just might want to try. The prices you pay for the name brands is crazy. We make our own capsules for fast flea killing action, 10 to 30 minutes and them mean old fleas will drop like rain. We also have once a month capsules that kill the eggs and larvae. Starting at only $5.99 for 6 pills of the fast flea killers , Safe, check us out . Have a Blessed Day.

    • I’ve purchased your stuff and used it. Seemed to work great for me. I have 8-10 Miniature Schnauzers here at any one time and haven’t seen a flea or a bad reaction from any of the dogs. Thanks for your product and more importantly, your affordable prices!

  2. Wow.. I would’ve given up. I cannot handle the smell of vomit.. kudos to you. Maybe you love your dogs more than I love mine Haha I’m so glad frontline works on our dog!
    That photo collage cracks me up! I’m stealing it to send to my sister if you don’t mind.

    • That photo is great isnt it? It was actually a random I found when I was looking for something else. 🙂 And don’t give me too much credit. I just knew it wasn’t wise to give them a second dose and I’m too cheap to waste a twenty dollar pill!

  3. What flea pill is this? I got frontline but it no longer seems to work.
    My dog is on proin and she does not like it. I have to crush the pill an mix it in with wet food so she’ll take it. Her heartworm pill she will eat. The proin is apparently liver flavored. I don’t blame her for not liking it 🙂

    • They take comfortis. There is also a pill by the same company that combines the flea medicine with the heartworm medicine called trifexis. If I had my choice, I use to give them the trifexis because of the additional heartworm medicine but they vomit even worse with that one and I can only handle so much dog puke, 😉 You can google them for more information. (You do need a prescription for them and they are expensive but heck, so is frontline.)

      • I would buy the frontline in 6 month supply. I buy it online. Just checking there, the comfortis is $98 for 6 mo for a 35lb dog. Didn’t seem to ask for a Rx. I would check with my vet before putting my dog on it of course but maybe you can order it online? The one I use is local so the shipping time for you would be short also (1800PM if you’re interested). I’ve used their competitor too but they price match and again, local so shipping is quick.

        • That’s a good price. I think I actually paid $140 for my labs but he’s 125 lbs and $120 for Hanks. I’ll try 1800PM, thanks for the info. 🙂

  4. lol. I have 4 staffordshire bull terriers. they eat everything and when I say everything i mean live electric wires! I don’t have a pill popper… I train dogs among my other jack of trades. Go get some hotdogs or the small weenie dogs from johnsonville or I dunno the brand, but I think you know what I’m talking about. Start using it as a ‘treat’ with no pills in them. Just let them beg, toss at them…let them follow you around. That way they get used to it and figure out its a treat. Then when you are ready, hide that pill in there and just toss it to them…hopefully by then they know how to play ‘catch’.

    • Dang, you are a jack of all trades. I will definitely try the small weenie dogs and I’ll have to start soon since these pills are a monthly thing. Now if I could just teach them not to throw up!

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