She turned me into an emotional ball of blowin boogers..

Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing Dad’s out there!

Happy Father's Day

By now I’m pretty sure you all know about the flip flop heard round the World? No? Well, if you don’t know you should go read Janae’s post at Hungry Runner Girl. Janae ran a marathon yesterday and had a little break down at around the 20.5 mark when she saw her sister. She broke down and cried saying she didn’t think she could finish. Her sister not only comforted her but said, ‘let’s do this’ and ran the rest of the marathon with her…in jeans and flip flops! I’m not even kidding you. Call me sappy but when I read her post thanking her ‘sissy’ I almost cried.

ball of blowing boogers

Sisters are amazing, my sister included. In fact, I’m pretty sure my sister would have done the same thing. Only she would have slipped me some of those wheelie shoes, you know those Heelys, and then she would’ve followed me in on a bike, same thing though, basically.

Sisters are forever friends

But seriously, running what amounts to be a 10K in flip flops and jeans just to be there for your sister, that’s pretty amazing. I hope Janae treats her to one hell of a pedicure today!

I myself ran 4 miles this morning. I ran through Kapok Park down the Ream Wilson Trail and then back. Other than the van that almost hit me, twice, and the bee that tried to fly in my ear around the 3 and half mile mark, it was a pretty awesome run but nowhere near as awesome as Molly Huddle’s run this weekend. She won the New York mini 10K with a lightning fast time of 31:37! You can read more about it here. Way to go Molly!

And lastly, I just had to show you this. I need some weight training if I want to be as fast as Molly Huddle, (when she’s sleeping), so I was perusing you tube last night looking for some weight training videos and I came across the following. I’m pretty sure this is NOT the correct way to lift weights.

Looks painful doesn’t it? Poor guy.

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

Tell me about your workouts this weekend.

4 thoughts on “She turned me into an emotional ball of blowin boogers..

  1. It was father’s day/my birthday; I sat on my butt for 5 hours (driving). The only exercise I got was mowing the lawn Friday 🙁

    • Happy belated Birthday! I hope you got to do something fun after driving for 5 hours and I think you should celebrate your birthday for the entire month anyways so you’ve got almost 2 weeks left! 😉

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