Running in Florida….it’s dangerous!

Happy Monday y’all! Hope yours is off to a great start.


I ran 5 miles around the neighborhood this morning, a progression run, and it felt great! It was hot though, I ain’t gonna lie but while I was running I was thinking about all of the things you have to worry about here that may not be a factor running somewhere else.

Florida is dangerous y’all, straight up. I never thought too much about it before but these are the things that you have to know when you’re running in Florida.

Running in Florida is almost always hot. It doesn’t matter if you run in June or January, chances are it will be at least 80 degrees at some point during the day and you will sweat so make sure you always have water, always or you will probably die.

Unless you are near the beach, do not jump in the water. Only the ocean is safe for swimming because alligators are in pretty much every other body of water, regardless of what anyone says. They even hang out in retention ponds and I’ve even seen them in a pond at the flea market, those suckers get around. Alligators also sun themselves on the bank of the ponds, rivers, streams and such so don’t be surprised to see one when you’re out running and for God sake don’t stop to take a selfie on the bank of a lake or pond.

Running and alligators

Bees are everywhere and either you or someone you know will most likely be stung while running.

We have killer mosquitoes down here and if you’re running and you stop, even for just a second, you will get bit and you might get Dengue fever, Malaria, Encephalitis or even West Nile Virus, so you really don’t really want to stop. Yeah, don’t stop.

Mosquito bites while running

Running after a good rain is always nice but that is also when the snakes come out and we have some of the deadliest snakes around, most notably the coral snake, rattlesnake and water moccasins. Just be sure to jump over them or run around them and then keep going. Don’t stop and turn around to look, run!

If you run on any trails you most likely encounter fire ants and if you run through a nest they will bite you and it will sting like hell.

There is always the chance that you may have to postpone your run or race due to a hurricane or tropical storm. And then there’s lightning, it can come out of nowhere even if it isn’t raining and the area of Florida that I live in is the lightning capital of the World. You never want to mess around when it comes to lightning.

Running in a hurricane

Um yeah, I’m thinking the visor was unnecessary or maybe it’s helping to keep the rain out of his eyes….

And probably the biggest danger in Florida is not weather related, animal or insect related but more likely, a relative. We are home to some delightful ‘older’ citizens who may or may not be adept at driving, which makes running near any roads extremely dangerous. Notice I said ‘any’ roads. It doesn’t matter where.

running and people driving

So be careful out there especially if you’re running in Florida but no matter where you run and have an awesome Monday.

What’s the biggest danger or threat you encounter running where you live?

6 thoughts on “Running in Florida….it’s dangerous!

  1. I’m pretty sure that after reading this, I never want to run in Florida! Here in New Hampshire, I would say the biggest danger while running is the extreme cold in the winter, and wildlife. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t seen bears before (they terrify me!). I’d rather see one of those than the other animals you mentioned, though!

    • Ha Ha, I swear it’s not as bad as it seems. It just takes some getting used to. Honestly, I’d rather see gators or pigs than bears!

  2. Haha so true! I am glad I read this post after my trip to Florida…although I was aware of quite a few of these, but thankfully I had a pool to jump in to…how good does that feel?!! Glad you had a great time otherwise, and I like to think of runs like this as mental training, so you are now one tough cookie 🙂

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