National Running Day 2014!

Happy #NationalRunningDay!

National Running DayI hope everyone has a chance to get out there and run today. I ran 6 miles this morning for #TeamJaimie This guy also ran for Jaimie because he’s all kinds of cool.

Thank you to all of you who have inquired about the TeamJaimie T-shirts. They should be ready in a few weeks and I will definitely let you know.

Also, if you need new running gear or you want to register for a race, today is the day. Check out my National Running Day discounts for lots of good stuff.

I’m all kinds of busy today! I have a couple of important meetings. I have to go to the bank. Then I have to jet out to Tampa to pick up the dogs flea medicine. Apparently someone was a bit late in picking it up this month so a few trips to the park later and Houston, we have a flea problem!

dogs and fleas

Yeah, so I won’t be late picking that up again.

Lastly, because it’s National Running Day I really wanted to write something out of this world, something no one else has done before….of course, there are always the usually posts about why someone loves to run, the running story, running history, running facts or things to do on National Running Day…..

That shits been played out. And so I googled and I searched and I read Runner’s World and Women’s Running and I went to website after website, but finally I think I found the one thing that no one else could possible have on National Running Day……..

May I present to you…..

What’s in Shalane’s fridge?

Tell me something random about your National Running Day, it can be anything, just something random…..

4 thoughts on “National Running Day 2014!

  1. I bought a Wahoo chest strap heart rate monitor. Got it for $41. So I get to see what my heart does on tonights run. I’m hoping for the whole beating thing to continue.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard that a beating heart is a good thing… If you’re half as analytical as I am you’re gonna love that monitor šŸ˜‰

  2. Heres me being vague. On my run this morning, I thought about what was said in a meeting last night (see my IG from last night) and now I’m thinking im gonna turn down 2 ambassadorships. How’s that for being unique and not played out :).

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