National Doughnut Day, Game of Thrones and more race discounts!

Happy National Doughnut Day!

I hope you’re a lucky person like I am and that you have a Krispy Kreme AND a Dunkin Donuts within a few miles of your house. Because if you do, you can go to Krispy Kreme and get a free doughnut and then head over to Dunkin Donuts and buy a cup of coffee and get another free doughnut. What? They don’t talk, no one will know!

Krispy Kreme

Dunkin Donuts

I deserve two free doughnuts because I ran 5 miles this morning but the truth of the matter is that I won’t actually be eating them because of my food allergies. Nope, instead I’m giving them to MacGyver and the Kid for some bonus points. So see, it still works out. I’ll probably cash those bonus points in this weekend…just when it’s time to mow the grass…

I’ve decided to spend some time this weekend coming up with new running paths in Clearwater. I’m sort of bored with the Ream Wilson Trail and I need some new stimulation. I like running close to my house because I don’t have to drive anywhere and in case you didn’t know, I’m sort of lazy like that. At the same time, I can only run the trail over and over again so many times before I get bored, and clearly, I’m bored.

Speaking of local running, this one is for you Tampa Bay peeps. If you are thinking about running any of the Florida Road Races halfathons this year, today is the day to register! If you register for any half marathon, marathon or the new Clearwater 50K ultra before 11:59 pm tonite, you’ll get a $10 discount! No Codes Required. Visit the Florida Road Races website for info on all of their races. You’re Welcome.

Florida Road Races

Do you like Game of Thrones? How much? Enough to wanna hang out with George R. R. Martin for a day? Well, here’s your chance….

For a small donation, you can enter by clicking here.

And lastly, there’s this, the greatest thing ever. For those days when you just really need to hear something good about yourself and you don’t feel like fishing for them, click on this link to receive your emergency compliment.

Do you get bored with your usual running paths?

How often do you switch it up?

10 thoughts on “National Doughnut Day, Game of Thrones and more race discounts!

  1. I get bored with just running sometimes. I have to change things up and do workout videos.
    I hate running on the same path over and over. So I’m always looking for new routes.

    • Maybe that’s my problem, maybe I need to incorporate some other workouts, especially in the summer when it’s wicked hot!

  2. I hate running in my neighborhood. It’s too much ‘up and back’ through the streets. I like when I make it out to the beach and just run straight for a couple of miles and then back. But I don’t like driving there. Plus I run around noon so sometimes it’s hard finding parking.

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